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Kenmore 110.92585100: Fixed No Spin! Now Balance Problem?

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Most Grateful Grasshopper here, reporting in!

Due to the superb wonderfulness of your advise I, myself, with humble screwdriver, was able to troubleshoot the 'no spin' breakdown, pull the cabinet, pull the motor, replace the (ah ha!) sheared motor coupler, put it back together, and Do The Laundry! :kiss:

Now, however, during the Spin Cycle there seems to be a great deal of noisy rattling and vibration, not so much as to causing walking or loud banging, but surely, down the road, something will break. Should I just wait til it does? I would so much rather get out said trusty screwdriver and have another go, if I knew where to start...

Your Obedient Apprentice,



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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

First make sure the coupler is installed correctly,, white pieces all of the way onto the shafts and all 6 prongs in the 6 rubber holes  and make sure the 4 rubber motor mounting gromets are in place.  Make sure the case is locked under the front of the base and the keeper tabs on the base are in the slots in the case on both sides.  Other than that do not know what could have gone wrong unless you laid the washer over.  If so let us know as you could have gotten the slide plate out of wack...

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