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F&P Model GWL10US

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My F&P GWL10US gets a build-up of hard water deposits on the plastic piece just below the agitator.  I want to remove this part and scrape off the crud. There are 3 screws surrounding it, but are these the only screws I need to remove?  F&P Customer Support said to fill with water, add 2 cups vinegar, let soak over night, then run through a permanent press cycle. 

Did this, still have lots of hard water deposits which at times have broken off, causing diverter valve to stay open, not allowing washer to drain, causing wife to complain, causing me to take laundry and kid to laundromat and meet some of the fine citizens of our city. 

Does anyone have access to a technical manual for this machine which I can purchase?





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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Undo the 2 screws at the front of the top( under the little covers) tilt the top back being careful with the inlet hoses, having previously removed the agitator.  Then unclip the plastic ring around the top and hang it to the side or disconnect spring( remember to refit spring ) from suspension.  Then in one swift upward movement (not too swift) remove the inner bowl, and then it makes it much easier to clean.  I personnally recommend a water blaster, its more fun than a scrubbing brush. Read instructions backwards to refit:laughing:

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