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Frigidare sxs

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I have an on going problem with the frig.I've had a technician with over 20 years experience come and check it out and it has us both stumped.The refrigerator compartment started getting warm and I started checking it out.The evaporator coil was frozen up no air flow to the refrigeratorThe upper air diverter was open and so was the bottom return.I checked the deforst timer and it is fine.I Manually put it into defrost and it went through defrost and started running again.I checked the defrost heater and it gave me full continuity,checked the thermostat and it was closed when it was suppose to be and opened at the right temperature.I've even heard the defrost start by itself and terminate and start running again on it's own.The problem is that after  it's been running for awhile and getting good and cold where the temps should be(38-40 in the refigerator and (3-5 below in the freezer,it starts making a sort of clicking noise(that sounds like it's coming from the evaporator fan motor.Check it out again and the fan is spinning fine.But when I hear this clicking noise the air flow slows down to nothing and the refrigerator starts warming up,freezer is like 8 below and the evaporator is blocking up with ice again.I put it all back together about 5 days ago and am waiting to see when it is going to happen again.I must say that the technician is avery trusted one here in my small home town. Frigidare sxs M# frsx24gcbo S# La50513746 .I greatly appreciate any help with this problem and thank you in advance.:) I have been here quite afew times before but had trouble posting so I had to re-register.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Saw something like this a couple of times, the unit had one of those "power savers" connected - it plugs into the mains outlet, supposed to conserve energy. On both occasions, the evap fan was varying its speed wildly. Check to see if there's one of them plugged in.

Nothing on that model number, BTW.

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