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Member Since 01 Feb 2007
Offline Last Active May 22 2015 03:07 PM

Topics I've Started

Another Asshole Customer

10 May 2015 - 03:01 PM

Got another asshole customer for you.


Homeowner not home, so her mother is at the house waiting for me.  Not even 5 minutes in the call she is sticking the phone in my face to talk to her son in law. 


He's asking me what could be wrong with his 8 year old GE front loading washer.  Mind you the dryer is stacked on the washer, there is less than a foot of room in front of the unit, laundry tub is on the left, and a mountain of clothes and filth on the floor, so all I have room to do is remove the bottom front access panel.


Description of problem was loud bagging noises and smoke coming out the door of the unit in the spin cycle.


I run the machine on high speed spin, no strange noises or smoke.


I then go out to my van to check for possible recalls on the unit and find none.  THEN the woman of the house comes home, She just stands there glaring at me through the open window of my van. I look up and say "Hi Ma'am, I am just checking to see if there are any recalls out there on your washing machine."  She says in a very angry sounding voice "EXCUSE ME?"


I repeat myself and then she says "My mother says you were rude to her, you complained that we didn't tell you the washer was stacked on the dryer and you don't even try to take the machine apart to see what's wrong with it. "


I then say, "I already know what's wrong with it and it is not worth fixing. You need a new outer tub and a wash basket, The repair can't be done here, we would have to bring the machine in the shop because you don't have enough room to do the work here.  It's not worth fixing."


She then says, "How do you know that without taking it a part?


I then say:

I have been a professional appliance technician for over 20 years, I know what I am doing.


I then give her the bill for the trip charge and she refuses to pay it. She tells me I need to leave her house now. I pack everything up and leave and totally ignore her foul mouth.


I don't need assholes like her telling me how to do my job.


GNA Appliance Repair

25 January 2015 - 06:52 PM

Serving southern Cuyahoga County, all of Medina County and northern Akron  areas (330) 321-1707 Scottgna@Hotmail.com


Repair and service of all major brands of appliances,  I repair washers and dryers, dishwashers, gas and electric ranges, refrigerators, and microwave ovens.

GE can't do anything right lately

22 January 2015 - 08:13 PM

I never thought it would happen, that GE would engineer their appliances so bad that the stuff is bad right out of the box. Their parts look ups are wrong these days, and disassembly is getting ridiculous and time consuming. 


I hate their new style dishwashers where you have to remove the door just to replace the user interface board, and who was the idiot who decided to put the main control board at the bottom of the unit?


No wonder the CEO Jeffrey Immelt  wanted to divest their appliance division.

Maytag VMW Top Load Washer MVWC300XW0

03 December 2014 - 07:33 PM

Maytag VMW Top Load Washer Model # MVWC300XW0 Serial # C12321403


Unit was making a horrible grinding noise in agitation only.  I replaced the gearcase, shift actuator, and the drive pulley/splotch kit. The new gearcase made an even louder grinding noise  during agitation than the old one.  This being a third party warranty call, the so called new gearcase was a reconditioned gearcase.  I thought Whirlpool said these gearcases were non repairable? 


What do you think the chance is the so called "reconditioned" gearcase was bad?  I replaced everything in the washer that would cause this grinding noise but the agitator, because I have yet to see a bad agitator make this much noise. Has anyone ever run into this before?

What time did you guys get home on Wednesday night before Thanksgiving?

28 November 2014 - 07:56 PM

I'm just curious  what time you guys got home Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. I got home around 9 PM because I had a lot of time consuming calls that could have waited until after Thanksgiving.

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