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Econo Appliance

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In Topic: why is this fridge control board so cheap?

17 February 2015 - 03:41 AM

Durham - you got me with Allen I.... my favorite basketball player of all time.



Explain this: You can go to any big-box store right now, and buy a brand new Kitchenaid refrigerator that uses the W10219463 / W10219462 board.....  Yet, Kitchenaid / Whirlpool claims that the board has been discontinued since 2011 ???   







In Topic: why is this fridge control board so cheap?

11 February 2015 - 05:53 PM

Well I waited two weeks..... called Sears to find out that the board is NLA.... I gave them a piece of my mind!!!   Sears lies about all of their stock... they say everything is "in stock" with hopes of making the sale....   This screws with my customners,  when I tell them that a part is NLA,  customer goes on google and sees that Sears supposedly has everything in stock and ready to ship.


The customner service lady said that they can't determine the true stock status until they "check the shelves."  


Even after my antics today,  Sears still claims that this board is in stock and ready to ship.  Don't trust them.

In Topic: why is this fridge control board so cheap?

06 February 2015 - 04:22 AM

Good point.  I'll try a test order on a new board.  


Funny I found this thread,   I was asking myself the same question.


I am doing a test order of 5 boards right now.   Sears has been holding my $500 for nearly two weeks now,  no updates,  no phone calls,  no emails,   no tracking info.    I always assumed that Sears sales tactic is simply listing everything as "in stock,"  regardless of whether it's actually in-stock or not..... i've had this problem before with Sears,  and it also creates problems when a customer thinks I am being untruthful as to the availability of a product.      


I will let you know what happens.


I wouldn't bother sending for repair to corecentric anymore - they will likely tell you the microporcessor is bad and unrepairable.   "Would you like your junk board back or can we keep it?"  

In Topic: Kitchen Aid dishwasher KUDS03FTBL3, lights OK, no wash, ozone odor

17 November 2014 - 02:17 AM

Your dishwasher has two pumps - main circulation pump, as well as a small drain pump.  When you press CANCEL,  it should shut off power to main pump and send power to drain pump.   It sounds like neither are starting for you. Two pumps don't (usually) go out at the same time,  so i'd look a little higher - at main control board in top panel, under keypad.  Run diagnostics (usually this is heated dry>normal>heated dry>normal,  or the other way around in some models) and see if anything blinks.    If so, which light(s)?   If not,  inspect board itself for burnt components.... check for voltage output to pumps....


Your main recirc motor has a large capacitor on it that should be inspected as well.  Look for swelling or leaking.

In Topic: Samsung Ref RF217ACBP/XAA - Where is the main PCB?

15 July 2014 - 05:07 AM

P.S. When ordering a Samsung refrigerator PCB,  always use the BOM # over the model #.

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