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In Topic: Whirlpool Dishwasher Model# WDT790SAYB, Fills and Drains OK, Doesn't Run

09 October 2014 - 06:44 PM

This is a great new source for leaks! You'll have to replace the sump (only way to replace the seal), diverter motor, and the now corroded wire harness...

Does anyone know if a repair wire harness exists for this, or do you really have to replace the entire harness: W10496093? Chat, I've seen this before during an inspection a couple years ago and just saw another one yesterday.

In Topic: Fridgidaire, Refer, FGHC2331PF0, Ice Dispenser not working, beeping on start-up

09 October 2014 - 05:24 PM

Wow! Thanks for the tech sheet !

Turns out I had not fully inserted one of the molex connectors/harnesses from the door to the display.

In Topic: KAWS850LQ1 KitcheAid (whirlpool direct drive) washer with bleach and detergen...

29 August 2014 - 04:38 PM

Original problem was no hot water. Replaced this monstrosity with all it's solenoids and the problem disappeared. Now, about three months later, it overflows sporadically, about four or five times, in the garage, thank goodness. Not sure on the part #, but I implored him to contact his source for a replacement valve and he has complied.


I had pulled the connector off the back of the water level control and the water continued to flow. I even banged on the back of the washer with the handle of my plastic screwdriver, but to no avail. The water continued to fill, on any setting, either temperature. (for testing I was able to induce the failure after repeatedly setting the water level control to 'reset' until it stayed "on".


I began to assume it was the valve. Once the customer gets the part, I will first check the voltage at the valve before replacing anything. 


I love this website! Thank you Fairbank56 and PDuff for your most gracious suggestions and comments. 

In Topic: Fridgidaire, Refer, FGHC2331PF0, door replacement, freezer, refer, both

17 August 2014 - 12:54 AM

On the posting in manual requests. Duh! All that work just sitting there! Thanks to both of you.

In Topic: Fridgidaire, Refer, FGHC2331PF0, door replacement, freezer, refer, both

15 August 2014 - 07:30 PM

Well, the parts list helped. I must say that this was the easiest door change on a side by side with a dispenser I've ever done. 

   Not sure if this will help anyone but I promised to post something and here it is. Please forgive typos and such...


Disconnect power.

Open freezer and turn off the ice maker.

Remove the top hinge cover and disconnect the three molex connectors - no need to disconnect or shut off the water supply.

Remove the ground screw from the top hinge.

Remove the front grill or kick plate.

Disconnect the water line at the bottom of the door, leaving the John Guest fitting off the line, but still attached to the line from under the refer.

Loosen and remove the two 3/8 screws on the top hinge and carefully remove the hinge and set atop the refer, while holding the door, then pick the door up and set on a flat surface.

Look up into the dispenser and note the two screws holding the narrow plastic cover - remove the narrow plastic cover.

Note the two black colored screws holding the dispenser display and remove the two screws. 

Gingerly pull the display away from the dispenser and disconnect the mini wire harnesses. 

Take a photo of the remaining dispenser wiring and store it on your phone to refer during reassembly.

Note the two silver colored screws holding the dispenser, and the green ground wire clipped to the upper portion of the door skin.

Remove the ground wire by pushing it off with your finger.

Note the black plastic zip tie holding the water line in place and remove the zip tie.

Note the proximity of the electronic circuit board on the dispenser and use care not to allow water to drip onto it during the next step.

Remove the two silver colored screws and carefully extract the dispenser assembly, while removing the water line from the three clips, and disconnecting the wire connectors.

Remove the wire harness by gently pulling it up through the top of the door and feed it into the new door.

Remove the water line by gently pulling it up through the dispenser area and re feed it into the new door, through the dispenser first and pushing it toward the bottom. Leave about two inches exposed at the bottom.

Carefully remove the plastic sheeting covering the new door around the edges and the gasket area, but leave it intact on the face of the door.

Using a 3/32 allen key remove the two screws holding the handle and gently lift the handle and set aside. Use a 3/8 tool to remove the holding bolts and place on the new door and tighten. Re attach the handle and tighten.

Remove the gasket from the old door and place onto the new door. It's easy!

Re install the dispenser into the new door and place the water line into the three clips, careful not to allow any water drops to spill onto the circuit board.

Carefully place the door back onto the refer and attach the top hinge and two screws, aligning the door. Tighten the screws. Connect the ground wire, but do not connect the three molex connectors yet!

Connect the water line at the bottom and pull the excess back up and into the dispenser area. You may have to play with the length of tubing until it sits right.

Re connect the wiring.

Re attach the green ground clip and wire to the under side of the dispenser area - refer to your photo!

Check your work with the photo on your camera. Check the route of the water line and ensure it is relaxed  and correctly positioned.

Connect the wires remaining to the display board and re attach the display.

Re attach the cosmetic faceplate. 

Connect the three molex connectors and replace the cosmetic hinge cover. Plug the unit back in. 

If you get a trouble code like I did, the unit will beep for about five minutes and then suddenly stop and return to normal display.

It's a snap to change. Remove the rest of the plastic cover protecting the door skin, turn on the ice maker, don't forget the plastic compartments on the inside of the door, and collect!


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