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Topics I've Started

Bosch HBN456AUC Wiring Diagram/manual

17 June 2012 - 12:26 AM

Hey guys

I am lookin for a wiring diagram or service manual for this HBN456AUC double wall oven . The door lock motor will not rotate when temp reaches 550 degrees and at 580 degrees it shuts off... lower oven works fine in self clean... the local guys took it with them and the bosch site does not have a wiring diagram on it so I don't even know how it works lol...


UV dye dryer vs UV dye injection

15 June 2012 - 01:13 PM

I wanted some thoughts on using the dye dyer vs using uv dye injection method for leak detection... Thanks


Kitchenaid Fridge KSBP25FKSS01

15 November 2011 - 01:46 AM


Ok this is driving me nuts.

Customer Complaint:
Crushed ice only from door. No water from dispenser. Plenty of ice.

Found 3 wires cut at the lower door hinge.(Blue, White/red, Violet) I repaired the broken wires and got the water dispenser and crushed/cubed working. Somewhere while repairing, I shorted the Blue wire to ground... saw some sparks *oops i let some smoke out*... now I have no auger motor or selenoid... Its kind of driving me crazy... any ideas?

Also, I have no idea how to get off the outer dispenser assembly off so I can check the switches in the door...

This model DOES have the optional dispenser lock and optional light switch...

I have wiring diagram for those who want to see it...



HE Soap

09 October 2010 - 09:52 PM

All soap not equal,
Please Use Tide, Gain, Cheer, HE
Or F Thirty Five

Kenmore Oasis HE, Whirlpool Cabrio HE, Maytag Bravos HE: Full Disassembly/Outer Tub Re...

09 October 2010 - 09:10 PM

Consider using kit# W10435302 - Bearing Kit and Tool# W10447783 - Bearing Tool to re
place the bearing assembly for leaking tub seal, failed or noisy bearings. Only follow this guide if you need to replace the tub assembly. See this thread for the video on how to replace the bearing...

Kenmore Oasis HE, Whirlpool Cabrio HE, Maytag Bravos HE
Full Disassembly/Outer Tub Replace Guide

Part to Replace: Outer Tub Assembly
Difficulty: 2/3 out of 5 beers.
Professional: 40-60 mins.
Grasshopper: 2-hours+

Here is the machine:
Posted Image

This is me:
Posted Image

1. Open the top lid by depressing the tabs with a butter knife or putty knife between the top and cabinet. The picture below shows the top opened and the clips that you need to depress.
Posted Image

2. Prop the lid up against the wall so it stays at a 90 degree angle.

3. Remove the tub ring by releasing the tabs on the side and removing the recirculation hose by releasing the clamp.
Posted Image
Posted Image

4. Remove the wash plate bolt cover. There is a slot that meets with one of the wash plate "fins". Remove the wash plate by removing the 7/16in bolt. Pull up on the wash plate with a pair of pliers to remove it from the shaft. This will expose the wash plate shaft and basket hub.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

5. Remove the basket by holding the inside of the balance ring and pulling straight up. Sometimes, corrosion gets stuck on the shaft making it very difficult to remove the basket. If you have this issue, fill the machine with a hose and the basket will start to float. keep filling it while pulling up on the basket then pushing it down again. BE SURE your drain hose is still in the stand pipe or you will have a mess. Eventually, the pressure of you pulling up and down and the pressure of the water lifting the basket should free up the corrosion and allow you to free it. then drain the water by putting the machine in a drain/spin only mode or by using a Wet/Dry vac. In the field, we use a Pony Pump.
Posted Image

7. Remove the sump cover by removing the 2-1/4in screws and lifting it.

8. You now have to options on servicing the bottom of the machine. I prefer to tilt it on the left side about 45 to 60 degrees from the floor or you can lay it on its left or right side.

9. Remove the rotor by using a 1/4in Allen Wrench or 1/4in to 1/4in hex screw driver bit on a 1/4in socket. You can lock the rotor by placing a small screw driver in one of the large holes and line it up with a hole on the stator under it.

10. Loosen up and disconnect the harnesses from the 2 pumps and black retainers first. You will not be able to disconnect the stator until you remove it. Using a permanant marker, mark the tub where end of the white RPS sensor is(See the top most arrow in the pic below) so you can properly re-align it during re-assembly. Remove the 4 bolts holding in the stator. On some Kenmore Oasis Models, they will be 3/8in bolts. Whirlpool Cabrio/Maytag Bravos will be 5/16in bolts. Disconnect RPS Sensor harness. If your RPS sensor has been replaced after June 2008(estimated date) or your machine was made after June 08, your RPS Sensor and connector might be black and have a different plug than what is in these pics.

11. Remove the pumps by removing the 5/16in screws and clamps. In the picture, I still have the rotor and stator on. Your rotor and stator should be off by now. Disconnect the pressure switch hose, clip and screw, and separate the bracket from the shock shaft.

Beer break...

12. Stand the unit up. Tilt it to the side a bit and place a small bucket, bowl, or 4x4 block of wood under the rotor shaft. I keep a tire stop in my truck for this purpose. In the picture, I used a small thermostat recycling bucket that we keep in the office.

13. Stand the machine up slowly while holding the tub in the center. This will allow the tub to clear the top of the cabinet. It should look like this after your done.

14. Release the shocks by depressing these tabs and push these rings down and clear the shocks from the tub.

15. Remove the tub from the cabinet. Remove any parts that need to be transferred to the new tub. Depending on the model parts might include insulation and retainers, heaters, recirculation tube and bracket.

16. Have a beer and reassemble.

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