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Member Since 29 Jul 2005
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#254153 Kenmore dryer stops after release of start button

Posted by paschal_old on 08 May 2013 - 08:13 PM

Hi Folks:


Did not bother testing anything. After reading the archive (Thanks for the link) from 2007 and the samuri fix it page link, I was 98% certain on the motor relay being at fault again. Received shipment from Mouser today. Ordered three and there was no minimum. Ordered Friday, shipped on Monday, delivered today Priority Mail, and installed tonight. Thank you Santa on the Mouser link. Exact part number and original manufacturer both to the original part and the replacement part of six years ago, yet had three delivered for less than half the price of one delivered six years ago. Tommorrow I'll get the monster shop vac and suck out loose lint and blow the ductwork outdoors.


Yes, dryer is back in service and owe it to the great people on this forum who are willing to help others. All answers were greatly appreciated.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you all!!!!



#253545 Kenmore dryer stops after release of start button

Posted by paschal_old on 02 May 2013 - 12:38 PM

Kenmore Drver model 11063942100 Serial number mm0801748


Everything works as long I hold the start button and not release it, drum turns, heat moisture sensor ticks on etc but will not stay running. Hopefully this is an easy one for you folks to figure out. Nothing like finding out with a full load of wet clothes!

#242698 Speed Queen AWN 542 great advice thank you all

Posted by paschal_old on 17 November 2012 - 08:45 PM

I love the old excuse to just go buy a new energy saver thing. They are filling up the landfills right and left, but we are saving a few gallons of water. The problem in this country and others is pandering ecology at the expense of quality via government mandate with no regard of a balance between the two. Do not know about the SQ front loaders but work with a lot of people who bought other brand fancy front loaders and bragged about them until they owned them almost two or three weeks and then had nightmares of them walking out of the W/D room and attacking them in their beds or thinking that a Boeing 777 was about to crash into their house. Then there are the majority of those fancy front loader owners that swear 10 dead and decomposed animals are in their washing machine and call animal control, as when you spend $1500 bucks and save water, no way that filthy stench could be coming from the washing machine, that is also causing your clothes to smell bad, and no, do not ask me why young mosquitoes are flying out of your washing machine. I have always heard this thing about stagnant water, mosquitoes, germs, bacteria, bad odors, but I am just not one of those folks who want to spend $1500 to have that "Special Experience". All I wanted the last time around was what I have had for the last 45 years....a machine that washed my clothes to a point of cleanliness, and if I could not find one, I know where I can pick up a washtub and roller model, which I should do anyway. That way if I wanted to emulate a modern machine, just never empty the water from the tub let it sit for a week or so, add more water and wash the next load. That should recreate the same smell as from a modern machine. If I would go buy the roller mode, hmmm same smell, save $1300, very tempting!!!!!!!!!

#242178 Speed Queen AWN 542 great advice thank you all

Posted by paschal_old on 10 November 2012 - 12:34 PM

King Size blankets quilts pillows.....Speed Queen washer never a hiccup!!!!! I did not purchase the Matching Speed Queen Dryer as I still have a scratch and dent Kenmore doing a good job which I paid half price for. As far as dryers are concerned, and I am not a pro, with the unit I have, the moisture sensor works very well. I have never used timed dry with it. Only on a very few occasions I have had to re-run the dry cycle. I am sure this is saving money and preventing me from baking the clothes......The sensor adds $75 to $100 to the average cost of a dryer, but to me well worth it. The other gotta have feature for a dryer is the auto or programmable tumbler that runs after the clothes are dry. It really does cut down on wrinkles........................so that is my input as far as dryers are concerned.

#240541 Recall GE dishwasher fails for the second time what to do?

Posted by paschal_old on 11 October 2012 - 10:10 PM

Put a regular 20 amp breaker in and it still popped when the heating element kicked in for dry cycle. GE is now involved with newer units on recall with the same symptom starting fires. To relate my decision of action to other posts in this thread......If Jack Welch was still president of GE, I might try to resolve this, or repair the machine. I still have the old harness that was removed, and I will rip the recall harness out prior to pickup of the the unit, and through some pulled strings will submit both to a lab to find if they are the same which I strongly suspect. (I will cut away some samples to insure integrety.) Under the leadership of Imelt, I have no trust or confidence in the brand, as was my decision also on a new washer 2 1/2 years ago. By the way, bought the top of the line Speed Queen top loader, which is STILL under warranty and is still the best, most quiet washing machine I have ever had and after 30 months and some load abuse never once out of balance, reccomended by many on the forums here, and I still thank you guys for that.

That out of the way, back to the dishwasher again and again referring to other posts in this thread......Like a washing machine, this is not new technolology. In the 1970's 80's when I owned many houses I could buy a dishwasher, never have it serviced and expect from past experience to have it run trouble free for ten years, almost regardless of brand.

What I have found myself doing on this failure is searching recalls for dishwasher brands that have not had a recall for starting fires or burning houses to the ground. Many brands were eliminated. Further searches for brands regarding easy access to repair parts easily eliminated one additional brand. Further searches regarding brands service people hate to work on. Another search on brands known to leak yielded surprise on a high end brand. My findings can not obviously be viewed as scientific, so from a courtesy basis there will be no brand bashing. Sad to say but choosing a dishwasher is like choosing a politition to vote for. Pick the one that is least likely to do do damage to your houshold, either finacial or structural.........My self -run crash course, and exhausting internet searches for two days have related that quality in most cases does not increase with price. If it does a good job washing your dishes, it is a bonus............fortunately that has not been the case yet with other appliances in the past, but we may be headed that way.

I found a scratch and dent Whirlpool with full warranty, that if still available Tuesday (payday) I will purchase at half price if still available, upper middle class unit. I could not find any fire hazard recalls on Whirlpool. I also relate well to the fact that I have some Sears, made by Whirlpool appliances that have failed, yet I repaired myself with help from you forum folks, and have not had a second failure from the replacement part. I hate to have my new policy that I now no longer can start my dishwasher when I leave to go to work in the morning knowing my dogs are alone in the house and the alarm system will not aid in their survival. Trust me, I am not a nut job. I have always kept a fairly large fire extinguisher on the floor in the kitchen. I now keep two. They will only give you about 15 seconds each to put out a fire....maybe a third is in order....

#229007 Speed Queen AWN 542 great advice thank you all

Posted by paschal_old on 03 April 2012 - 07:06 PM

I just looked at the PTouch label I put on this machine when I had it delivered and it is now a few days over a year old.

All too often we hammer the appliance gurus here for emergency fix it now advice. (I have been guilty as well.) Last year when I knew the transmission in my 30 year old Kenmore washing machine was on it's last leg, I sought advice here stating pretty close to what my needs were out of a new machine which did not include front load, smelly clothes, nor solid state controls. I had online looked at Speed Queen and threw it out and received several positive votes. I bought their top end toploader, and have not looked back. We wash four to five loads a week, and the washer is on an adjacent wall to my office. It is quiet, it washes clothes beautifully without any twisting torture that I hear about regarding other machines that weigh the clothes etc. and by looking inside, you would think it does not agitate well, but it does. The machine does not shake, rattle, and roll, nor does it walk the floor. Not once, ever, out of balance. Best of all, two more years to go on parts and labor!!!!! (It's a basic washer with few fancy features and may not be right for everyone.)

In addition, I bought from an independant local dealer who gave me a terrific discount vs the retail price. With a moisture sensor dryer, the clothes are dry in less than half the time from the previous washer.

This is not so much a testimonial to the machine as it is to good advice that I get on this forum and the guru's that occupy it. While they may make a living fixing appliances, you also get a straight shot when you ask about reliability.

Thanks gurus

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