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In Topic: GE Dishwasher GSD 2800G01

07 March 2011 - 01:07 PM

Detergent is fresh fresh yes! Funny, just today I started getting a ciode that water is not hot enough. So the thermostat must be working? I remain puzzled.

In Topic: GE Dishwasher GSD 2800G01

06 March 2011 - 04:47 PM

Undisolved powder detergents and "pacs" I believe are the result of not hot enough water. Detergent residuals on dishes also occurs and things are not as clean as in the past (requires more pre rinse). Liquid detergent helps this but I have got "an issue" that needs resolving I think. Again, the element is cold to touch in all cycles except final hot rinse and dry.

The lower wash arm somehow got a hole on one end on the bottom so I suspect pressure/rotation is off balance and this is what causes the "blocked wash armn signal" during each use that I override by hitting start again (the arm does turn). The wash arm signal issue began a couple of months before I decided there was a water temp issue and they seemed unrelated but not too far apart. Even if wash arm is signifigant the water temp seems still problematic and not right. I need to decide is it worth the dollars to deal with both. If the heat issue was an easy fix i would get the wash arm.

There seems to be a full sequence of regular cycles of fill/wash/drain/cup opening etc, but I have never timed them. There is just never any heat to the water in all the fill/wash cycles. The timer visibly goes through its countdown which is currently 99 minutes a I have added the hot rinse and dry regularly. Is there a thermostat at play here that is not required for the dry/hot rinse cycles?

There were 2-3 times I jiggled the heat element after opening the door in cycle and I imagined that was what made the element begin to heat, but I could not duplicate this consistently. If wires to the elements were loose I think the rinse/dry cycles would be affected too.

Hope these additional details are helpful. Thanks for your time.

I should clarify that it is for all practical purposes 100% not heating these last couple of weeks. I have not witnessed heating in the wash cycle in some time so perhaps it is no longer intermittent but always.

In Topic: Hate My Electric Cooktop!

07 September 2006 - 08:48 AM

Thanks for the quick reply Pegi.  I guess this means that replacing the elements with anything other than the manufactuere recommended is a mistake.  Do you think I would see much improvement by using new replacement recommended elements?  I know the style/technology is almost 20 years old and so I assumed I would not see any change, either they work, or they dont...

Thanks again,



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