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Topics I've Started

GSX9885JQ0 Whirlpool Catalyst

11 November 2013 - 04:18 PM

The drain valve doesn't release at end of a cycle.  If the next cycle involves the catalyst function, the water drains instead of recirculating and it throws an F4 fault.  The only way to release the drain valve is pull the power plug.


Is the drain valve bad?  Or is the control board bad?  Reconnecting the power cord does not immediately re-energize the valve.  It remains off until the next cycle drains.

Friedrich KM18L30-A Window Unit

29 January 2013 - 06:04 PM

Friedrich KM18L30-A.  S/N LEFR14579.  June 2005 if I have the correct decoding.  The thermostat anticipator resistor block went dead, replaced September 2012.  P/N 61808001.  The replacement is already gone bad.  Is there anything could contribute to accelerated failure, or is it (bad) luck of the draw?

Whirlpool DU1100XTPS9

18 October 2011 - 10:58 PM

Neighbor has this dishwasher DU1100XTPS9 in a foreclosure property he refurbished for rental. S/N FU0805980 so it's not yet 5 years old, has not had much use. House sat empty for a year, he has been working on the remodel for almost 2 years. First renters move in Nov 1.

Anyway, the DW worked on initial testing. He had the kitchen power off to change an outlet. Upon repowering, the Normal and Cancel/Drain buttons are flashing. Don't know if it happened at that point or previously.

None of the buttons on the panel are responsive. It won't either start or cancel. He hasn't yet tried cycling the power again.

I haven't yet looked for a tech sheet on the unit ... but I didn't notice one when we had it out to clean the water valve a couple months ago (clogged with debris from plumbing work, caused low-fill during initial testing). Where might the sheet be stashed?

I have a copy of KD-12 service manual but there's no reference to flashing buttons for error codes.

Probably can't get into any diagnostic routines if the panel isn't responding.

Would this be a bad touchpanel?


22 November 2010 - 12:20 AM

GE Arctica model PSH23SGPABS.  Approximately 6 years old.

The in-door ice dispenser chute repeatedly accumulates frost to the point of getting completely clogged with an iceberg.

I don't use the ice dispensing function very often, when it does work.  Maybe once or twice per week.  Really, I don't use it much.  I haven't used it in quite a while, because it usually is clogged-over nowadays.  The freezer door is not opened excessively.

The flapper that seals the ice chute sometimes hangs open, doesn't close itself after a dispensing cycle ... but I'm aware of that and always poke a finger up there to make sure it's seated.

I disassembled the door shelf and ice guide assembly, cleared the blockage last Saturday.  A week later there's frost accumulated and building inside the chute and hanging off the ice bin port.  The chute flapper is closed, has been for the duration.  I can shine a flashlight up the dispenser or down the chute, do not see light either direction.

Still, the frost is accumulating.  Again.  Within a week of clearing the previous accumulation.

The freezer and fresh food door gaskets are sealing properly, not torn.

I have noticed that the freezer evaporator fan seems to run continuously, at a low speed.  It stops when opening either the freezer or fresh food door.  Raising the freezer set-temp doesn't affect the fan, it still runs.  Normal setpoint is 0°F.  Last night, at a current-temp reading of -1°F, I raised the setpoint to 5°F.  The evaporator fan continued to run.

I've also noticed that when the Quick Ice function is enabled, the freezer evaporator fan in the past would run at a higher speed for the duration of the Quick Ice cycle.  It no longer runs faster, keeps running at the same low speed.

Is this a dual-evaporator model?  Is the freezer fan supposed to run continuously?

The ice/frost accumulation in the door chute has been happening for a year+.  I just tend to ignore it since I don't often use the ice dispenser function.  But I'd like to have the idiot thing working properly!  It did work 3, 4, 5 years ago ... frost accumulation in the chute wasn't so much a problem.

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