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In Topic: LSQ9244EQ - W/P topload, Motor Won't Run

10 October 2011 - 01:17 PM

KDOG , All is forgiven , not that I was ever really p.oed / capacitor on the newer Kenmore was the culprit . See my post on the other thread. I'm back in business.
Thanks for your assistance.

In Topic: Is there a whirlpool model that matches this Kenmore 110.20912990 model #

08 October 2011 - 06:23 PM

Reg US _ Patoff + KDOG

Turns out with a happy ending / The Kenmore washer had a bad capacitor . My motor supplier had one in stock + I'm doing laundry from home instead of the laundramat by a local pub . I'll probably save enough to buy a bottle of scotch.


I'll recycle the old Whirlpool after keeping the parts that match up with the new one. I DO appreciate your assistance .
Many blessings on you my son's + I will drink a toast to your good health + welfare !!!

In Topic: Is there a whirlpool model that matches this Kenmore 110.20912990 model #

07 October 2011 - 12:54 PM

Reg Us,
The WHIRLPOOL /w/ the timer problem never hums ,from the way it acts my guess would be an open in the drain or spin circuit. Just trying to verify HOW to test for that. I was testing it with a jumper in the lid switch harness / did not check to determine jumper working properly / just assumed ( yes I know what assuming does!)/so that is possibility / (no continuity to allow drain spin cycle to work) Will check + let you know.

The KENMORE is the one with humming motor, I found how to test motor windings ie/ low speed 2.9 ohms according to schematic.so will figger that out .
this is the washer I was wondering if the speed cycle switch could cause similar symptoms / HUM. My guess is there is a way to check continuity through the speed cycle switch ?

We should take ol K DOG out + give him a Little WHAT FOR for causing the confusion re the posts :deal: . HA !

In Topic: LSQ9244EQ - W/P topload, Motor Won't Run

07 October 2011 - 12:22 PM

Hey Sensei KDOG please don't beat me over the head without just cause , Ha!

Yes it was 2 different washers I was talking about. Therefore different posts. Can we separate them so they can be addressed individually so no confusion ?
Should I do that or leave it to whoever combined them ?
1- The newer Kenmore model # 110.20912990 is the one I was looking for testing info for the motor windings, the symptom is the motor hums, according to the guy I got it from. that usually does indicate bad capacitor, if power IN readings are within range 110-115 vac / I have not begun to trouble shoot this yet other than testing the capacitor with a VOM indicating it's bad.
Will take it to the motor shop to verify before buying new one but I'm pretty sure it's bad. REG US can the Speed (Cycle) Switch cause that symptom , motor no go just hums?
2- The older whirlpool model # LSQ9244EQ0 where I jumper-ed the lid switch never tripped the breaker. As I recall .
The timer worked fine to that point . I took the cabinet off to see where the leak was coming from, jumper-ed the lid + advance the timer to begin spin cycle. I could not get the timer to drain + spin but it did and still does fill + agitate. To test the timer part # 3951703 IF I fried it should there Not be a short to ground from the drain + spin contact or an open lead on these? Is that the correct way to test the switch other than prying it open + visually looking for burn marks? Continuity from point a-b would show good , yes ? Reg US is there a YouTube video for testing the timer? I did see one about testing the motor just have not had time to view it yet.
Thanks again for any clarification for my poor addled brain.

In Topic: Dell dimension E 310 won't write to DVD

23 July 2010 - 08:49 AM

 I should have mentioned I'm running win XP.

 If you need any more info let me know.

 Thanks again.


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