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Member Since 01 Sep 2007
Offline Last Active Jul 22 2014 12:32 PM

Topics I've Started

LSQ9244EQ - W/P topload, Motor Won't Run

06 October 2011 - 11:03 PM

Hi ,
Recently developed a leak in my washer. Removed the cabinet to determine leak location / not sure if hoses or pump .
Turned out to be pump. While I had the cabinet off I jumpered the lid switch to drain the washer / DOH.
I'm not certain / did not have my old man glasses on + I'm color blind / great combination for electrical trouble shooting hey ! / Not blind just don't see some shades of green + reds normal. Good with electronics at least historically ! Anyway at this point the timer would not activate the pump + motor to drain the washer.
Question is IF I did short the lid switch to ground Is the timer that sensitive that I fried it or is there a fused circuit to save my poor behind?
I have the tech sheet showing how to test the pins on the switch , have not pulled yet to do so / just thought I would get a proffesional opinion as to if I'm a dunce or not ! Is there an easy way to test that switches functionality / is that even a word ??? will have to look in Funk + Wagnells ?
Anyway thank you in advance for your assistance,
Jim M

Is there a whirlpool model that matches this Kenmore 110.20912990 model #

06 October 2011 - 10:40 PM

I have drawn much wisdom from this forum when I repaired my Model LSQ9244EQ0 Whirlpool . I have aquired a Kenmore model #110.20912990 + to my great pleasure it appears to be a newer model of my whirpool,
Is there a direct cross reference number from the Kenmore to the Whirlpool ?
The reason I aquired this is apparently the motor just hums. That is what the person I got it from said. He pulled the motor from the washer + decided it would be easier to just get a new one. To my benefit.
My Whirlpool had some issues recently ( Look for my other post about a leaking pump and maybe screwing the pooch when I jumpered the lid switch to test for leak, my bad.)
I have checked the capacitor + it seems it's bad.(Checked with a VOM.) Almost no deflection on the meter. The start cap for this and my old washer part numbers don't match. Have not checked the mfd value on my old one. So can't rob Peter to pay Paul / if your not familiar with the term your way younger than I / look it up ! Ha !
I would like to check the motor windings to determine they are OK before I pop for a new start capacitor. ( Nothing on the motor burned and all looks OK)
I'm in the swim pool industry / (30 + yrs) and have rebuilt lots of pool motors + am familiar with what connecters to check on them to determine if there is an open lead or correct resistance per wire leg.
Can someone here instruct me on the procedure to check the washer motor or where to find this info?
My experience with Kenmore equip is it's difficult to find repair info available thus wanting the whirlpool link,
Thanks in advance for any assistance . I will drink a toast to your health.

Dell dimension E 310 won't write to DVD

23 July 2010 - 08:41 AM

 I am looking for help with my Dell Dimension E310 computer.
 The specific problem is trying to write 4th of july pictures (.jpg) files to a blank cd.
 the drives are
  LG DVD model GWA-4164b dvd rw
  Sony DDU1615  dvd drive

Useing  Roxio RecordNow Copy 2.0.4

I don't use these drives too often to copy or write dvd's ,last time copied pictures a year ago or so
sucessfully. So they don't have a lot of miles on them so to speak.
 The drives will read music , video,+ software automatically ,but when  put in a blank cd they intermittantly won't recognise them mostly. ( after I put in the cd then go to my computer + click on the drive it tells me to insert a cd in the drive. ( it'e already there)
 On my first attempt it did see the cd and proceeded write the files .
 Here is the error codes .

 Any help would be appreciated.

GE MODEL TCX20ZMB Refrigerator

30 May 2009 - 10:18 AM


 My freezer door won't close itself tightly, a recent development. Older 1991 model with the freezer on the bottom.

1- Does this model use a magnetic seal?

2-I think my girlfriend may have let the door swing all the way open.:shock: Yeah I know it's always someone elses fault! Could this cause the door to be sprung out of adjustment?

3- If that's the most likely cause what is the proper method to realign the door (the upper door continues to close properly + the fridge has not been move which might cause a similar problem)

 Any enlightenment would be much appreciated.



Whirlpool Direct DriveLSQ9244EQ0

05 September 2007 - 03:36 AM


 Oh wise masters of the appliance world,

 I am a long time lurker, now newbie grashopper to this site. I have learned much from your wisdom already.( replaced the agitator dogs some months back,recently wound up in the no spin zone,Replaced the drive coupler) Wierd thing about the drive coupler, the one I removed the end was all plastic/ new ones had metal sleeves where they press on the motor and trans shaft/ seems they will last longer this way. Did the originals come as all plastic??

 Now to my question/problem.

 After drive coupler replacement,thing washer worked OK until spin mode ( I did a wash cycle with cabinet off to be sure everything was operating properly. When washer went into spin mode as it spooled up to speed it seems as if something is catching .I get a grinding noise the tub jerks and slows then trys to spin again( I am fairly certain this is why the motor side of the drive coupling was rounded out Thus the original symptom) If I hold down on the agitator while in spin mode it works fine( I know no long sleeves ,don't drop your open end wrench in, don't get your arm broken etc.) but if I need to do that I may as well take the clothes down to the river and bang them on the rocks. But I digress.

 It seems that  either the gears in the agitator shaft are hanging(I pulled the agitator the gears looked ok (What is that stainless clip above the platic part at the top of the gear assy?) Does the transmission move up and down to clear the drum so it will spin??  Is it possible the brake is catching( I wouldn't thing that would make a grinding noise.

  Is there a place I can find out exactly how the washer functions as it goes through the different cycles . That would help me visualise the problem as well as world peace!

 In any case any help you could give this lost soul would be of great help.


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