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Member Since 06 Oct 2007
Offline Last Active May 26 2013 09:30 AM

Topics I've Started

Frigidaire FFU20FC6CW3- upright freezer?

25 May 2013 - 11:45 AM

Hope this is the right section to post up,,, really need to cut to the chase on this thing,,,, call it "dead" or fixable,,, what a weekend for it to go out, was packing to leave for the weekend and the light came on, red light,,, duh :woot: ,, had to unpack and go chase ice, went inside the freezer where I keep a thermometer, showing 20+ degrees, running all the time, which it has been for a week, but no light on,,,, anyway the inside looked good, evap fan running, frost on two top coil lines though, watched it through the day, it went through a defrost cycle, so the timer is working,,,, the biggest concern is the compressor housing is HOT to the touch, lines are warm, one is hotter than the rest, high pressure side I guess,,, but like I said the compressor runs continuously and it never gets below 20 degrees about middle shelf,,


I'm thinking the compressor is going/gone,, any thoughts on what else it could be before I kick it to the curb guys?



Kenmore side by side,,, #106.54246400

17 June 2009 - 11:25 AM

Daughters Kenmore side by side #106.54246400 is giving her some grief:(,,,,,  Dad to the rescue, maybe with some help from ya'll:D

The ice dispensor is icing up because of the flapper thingy in the door is loose allowing the outside air to seep in through the loose flapper and making ice form, I found the hinge pin loose laying in the freezer compartment, the keeper came off one end of the pin.

How do I dis mantle this door hardware ( through the door) apparatus to get to the flapper/ hinge pin to reinstall the hinge pin? Go in from the front or the inside without breaking any of the pieces?

Any how to pics on the forum here,,,, maybe?



whirlpool washer LSQ9264HQ0, no spin, plus "clicking" noise

29 April 2009 - 04:06 AM

No spin again on the washing machine, last time it was the parts below the agitator, which I bought  the whole agitator,,,,,,,, this time it "no spins" plus it  has a clicking noise while it's trying to spin.

Any ideas where to look and at what piece?


whirlpool LSQ9264HQ0,,,, water dripping into tub when off

04 April 2009 - 12:53 PM

There is water dripping into the tub,,,,,,,, acoording to the repair clinic info it says to replace the "water inlet valve",,,,, but this water is dripping in from the top panel down onto the top rim of the tub and then into the tub,,, if it was the water inlet valve it wouldn't be dripping down from the top panel, right? 

 Is there another water source inside the top panel, like maybe the water level control switch or whatever you call it?:beating:


Thanks in advance....

refrigerator, whirlpool, mod# ED5FHEXMQ00

10 July 2008 - 01:17 PM

Read the FAQ about the "humming and then click" on the comp., and associated that noise to what mine is making, can't really here a humming but I definitely hear a click after a few seconds, down by the compressor, everything else seems to be working fine,

Took the start relay off, my wife said she thinks she can hear it "kinda" rattle, (I'm hard of hearing, :(, so no help there.  I did check the three prongs on the comp. read 0 ohms, checked to ground, seemed fine there also.

-------------Soo, I'm assuming the relay is bad, maybe:huh:, fridge is 4 yrs. old------  what ya'll think "brain trust".

OT, I've sure had a bad run here lately on Whirlpool products, bought all new appliances, all whirlpool, since then, washer broke, was able to fix that,-----dishwasher broke, had to get a new one------- now this, their all about the same age

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