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Star FS-6-BKE Commercial Fridge (Relatively Ancient), 5-ish cu. ft.

25 February 2010 - 05:44 AM

So...my buddy gives me the working guts (coupler, gauges, hoses, tower, faucet and CO2 bottle) to make my own kegerator for Christmas.  Cool!  Since then, I've been shopping and shopping Craigslist for a suitable used fridge.  No space in my life for a full-size one, but one about the size of the ready-made kegerators would be perfect.  Turns out any of these "dorm fridges" are useless for the task, as they all have that pesky freezer box in the top, plus most are just not big enough to hold a keg.  This week I turned up an old commercial unit, roughly 28" square and 32" tall.  A bit battered but perfect for the job, and the owner even sent me a photo of it holding a 1/4 barrel keg.  I called him, asked him to turn it on and put a glass of water in it, drove out to BFE and saw it.  Checked the water with my dig. temp gauge, hunky-dory 33º.  Got it for a mere 20 bucks!  He and his kid loaded it into the back of my van, I drove home (stopping at the party store on the way to pick up a quarter of suds) and a pal of mine hoisted it up the front steps and brought it into the house.

After I cleaned it up, I was all excited to get it down to temp, and plugged it in.  For the first 5-10 minutes, it seemed to make all the appropriate noises, and it was starting to get cold inside.  Then the compressor started clicking on, fan came on, ran a few seconds and then stopped with a shudder. This cycle, over and over; plus, the air inside wasn't blowing as cold.  After a half hour of this, I suddenly remembered a friend's sage advice about moving fridges, (cue flashback harp music)... "don't try to run them for 24 hours after you've moved them, or else they'll never run, ever".  Something about the refrigerant getting shaken up into the coils and not settling down.  Eek!  Have I gone and killed my little silver beer buddy?  It never got laid-over on the drive home, and was maybe at a 45º angle twice for maybe 10 seconds each, in the van and up the stairs, plus some slight bouncing and jiggling on the drive home.  Was that enough to do the damage, and did I really do myself in by turning it on prematurely?

It's now been left to sit for, oh, 12 hours since my test.  Do I wait the aforementioned additional 12, or is my friend a bit superstitious about this?  I'm dying to install the tower and working guts and make this the infinite source of malted barley water of my dreams, but if I really did screw the pooch, there's no point in going to that trouble.  Thoughts?

A sidebar: assuming the fridge does still work, I may have a slight geometric problem with the interior space: while the previous owner showed a 1/4 barrel fitting in the unit above the step-up in the back, I now find it just barely fits in there, with no room left over for the coupler and hose fitting (need another 4-5 inches).  There isn't quite room in front of the step: only 14 inches to the back surface of the door, and the keg is 16.  Is there anything of a vital-organ nature inside that step, such that taking a BFH and 2x4 and making a 2" deep and 4" tall dent in the center of it would hurt anything?  Peering in the back, I do see a single copper tube in the vicinity of the step corner, but not much else.

Thirstily Yours,
Royal Oak, MI

Maytag MDBH950AWB Dishwasher

04 June 2008 - 02:41 AM

Okay, wuzzup: it was running fine up until yesterday, when we suddenly had issues with the house's drain that the dishwasher is connected to.  We've dealt with the evilness that is snaking and drainage is now restored.  Even though there's no residual water in the bottom of the dishwasher, we figured that we should run that load again.  The "Clean" LED was still on, but oddly wouldn't clear for awhile; we tried opening the door all the way, running the racks in and out, and after doing that three times it finally it went out.  But now, the controls won't respond at all.  Nothing.  Nada.  It's not in "lock" mode, tried that.  Also tried unplugging/replugging power.  No change.

Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.


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