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Tim M

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In Topic: Kenmore frig no-cool

11 January 2015 - 06:27 PM

.     Could it be possible that the power shut off and came back on while the compressor was running?  The compressor won't start up under a load which is why when we unplug it, we have to let it sit for 15 minutes before plugging it back in.  This lets the freon flow through so the compressor won't be trying to start up against that pressure.  But if the lights were really out, then this might not be the case.  I guess you wouldn't be able to check this since he already unplugged it, so you wouldn't see it starting up every few minutes until the overload tripped.


.    Now does until have an electronic display on it?  Were those lights off as well?  If so, could it be something else, that shut the whole fridge off?  Maybe a breaker was tripped.  Maybe a GFCI outlet had tripped.  In older houses the GFCI might not be in the same room, when they were expensive (1980s or so) they would have one for the whole house.  Might be next to the breaker panel, but could also be in the garage, kitchen, or bathroom.  So it blows in the bathroom, and he resets it without thinking.  If the lights were really off, this is a pretty likely theory.  Or maybe the outlet, or half of the outlet is on a light switch, and it got switched off for a bit.  I would go on this theory until you see it again.  If it does go again, make sure the customer doesn't touch anything until you get there and check the power, as he might not even be aware what is hooked up with that outlet.

In Topic: Timer hangs up midway Bosch Dishwasher shu4002uc/u06

10 January 2015 - 04:10 PM

OK, OK.  A more succinct writeup without the attempt at prose.


.     Two different Bosch Dishwashers with manual crank timers, not the electronic ones where the heater relay burns off a connection on the circuit board.


.     Both have the timer get stuck and not advance usually at somewhat precise points on the dial.  The one referred to on the last post had reportedly been stopping at around 4:00 and 7:00 on the dial.


.    Both have been very intermittent problems, and never happened when I was there.  The one discussed recently started happening 80% of the time reportedly, but he had ordered a new machine.


.    His son reports that now it even hangs up in the dry cycle, and heated all night.  Did it really heat or just stuck there?  I'm not certain.  New machine isn't coming in, so wanted to see if I could test something else out on my last chance at success on this.  I think that the failure to advance in the dry cycle rules out stewart's idea of the flow switch.  I've been thinking that inputs into the timer are telling it not to go, is it possibly the timer itself.


.    I'm interested in any and all theories.  Please, if you can, state why you are proposing what it part it is, rather than just listing the name of a possible part without reason.  I'm interested in any test I could do, if it is no willing to misbehave in my presence.


Thank you all,


In Topic: Timer hangs up midway Bosch Dishwasher shu4002uc/u06

07 January 2015 - 11:02 PM

Good afternoon boys and girls, welcome to another episode of the continuing saga of the Bosch timer hangup.


.     When last we left our heroes, they were still plagued by their arch-nemisis, The Intermittent Problem.  By appearing only when our hero was fighting the scourge of poorly-operating appliances elsewhere, leaving the secret lair of his rival undetected, our hero was stymied again and again.


.     A search of the Bat Appliance Repair Database found that many other grime-fighters had battled similar situations, and none had posted a successful outcome.  Our latest posts had divulged that the prey of this appliance, the unsuspecting homeowner, had fallen into a false sense of security, as the problem had not surfaced for two years.  Now it was back again, and reportedly disrupting the otherwise peaceful metropolis about 80% of the time.


.     Meanwhile, at The Hall of Justice, other defenders of The Appliancian way, posited their theories, but to no avail.  Would evil triumph?  It seemed so as, the homeowner ordered a new dishwasher, feeling this one had served it useful life.  But wait!  Something held up the delivery, and while answering a different call of distress, our hero encountered a still more trustworthy informant: the homeowner's son, who may have a higher level of appliance awareness.


.    "This might not be important…" he stated.  

.     "We will leave no avenue unexplored," our hero replied, "no stone unturned, I will not rest until functionality has been restored!  What is it?!"  

.     "Well, last night it the timer hung up in the dry cycle."  

.     "Aha!  Not just at 3 o'clock or 7 o'clock or whatever it was that has been reported in every other forum for truth out there.  This has eliminated many of our theories, and there is only one possible likely explanation left!  Do you know what that is?!" he bellowed. 

.     "No."

.     "Neither do I.  But never mind that.  As long as the heart of freedom beats in chests of my fellow battlers for Demockery, we will prevail.  As long as even one idea can rattle through their feeble brains like a BB rolling around in an empty tuna fish can, we will triumph, for when we all work together, it is like, ummmm,  it is like, well, a lot of people working together.  Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.  That's what makes America, America.  Without each other we might be forced to recognize our own stupidity; together, we have one thing you can never have alone: the ability to blame it on someone else."

.     "Who's with me?  Or who, at least, has a better theory for this still unsolved problem which abounds the internet forums?"

In Topic: Whorlpool gx2fhdxvb06

07 December 2014 - 02:59 PM

In the meantime, wherever the water comes out of the wall, there should be a shutoff.  Couldn't you just turn that down a good deal?

In Topic: Whorlpool gx2fhdxvb06

06 December 2014 - 11:29 PM



.     If you do have problems from pressure that high, get a whole house pressure reducer.  It will save all the plumbing in your house from the shocks every time your appliances and everything else shuts off.  Could stop a leak before it starts.  I assume you are on city water.  Right?


Attached File  PressureReducer.jpg   10.73KB   0 downloads


.    What is your pressure?  Somewhere between 40 and 80 psi?



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