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Member Since 22 Nov 2007
Offline Last Active Feb 15 2012 04:38 PM

Topics I've Started

58WAV Carrier Weathermaker 8000

06 March 2011 - 07:12 AM

My carrier weathermaker 8000 (58WAV) started acting up this morning. I have troubleshot it down to the inducer relay I believe. When I did the component test, the inducer motor didn't start, and it doesn't appear to have voltage.

How do I go about powering the inducer motor to make sure its working? Is it just shorting it to any 120v AC power source?

Also, is there something other than the relay or board that might be preventing the inducer motor from being powered?

Finally, I'm handy with a soldering iron, if its the relay can I just solder on a new one or is it new board time?

Frigidaire Ice Maker Stopped Working

07 April 2009 - 04:46 AM



I recently had an acutator arm break for the water supply.  I replaced that paddle then I was about to free the crush/cube arm in the back when the light went out.  I tested the light elsewhere and it works.  Now the ice maker/dispenser doesn't work as well. The tray doesnt fill and the light on the front comes on but the auger doesnt move when you hit the ice dispenser actuator. However, the water still works so it isnt a frozen line. Is there a fuse somewhere in the system that I tripped or am I going to need to replace something costly?

Laundry Tub Lint Filter

28 March 2009 - 01:59 PM

The metal mesh filters that I buy seem to get clogged very quickly and then proceed to spurt water across my laundry room. What's the best filter/mesh that I can buy? And does someone have a link where I can get a case of them? Or, is there some space age solution out there that I should use?

Blower runs, but no heat. New programmable thermostat.

22 November 2007 - 04:44 AM

I just installed a new programmable.  Well, actually I installed it two weeks ago, but now its 54F in my house and my roommates are complaining.  I say it saves on heating, and they should get some long johns on, but they think otherwise. 

Anyways, I installed it and it all seemed to be working.  I had to call a local carrier tech to figure out to hook up the blue common down stairs, but other than that it was straight forward.  I was curious about the room temp air that was blowing, but just thought that I must have caught it on the beginning of a cycle. So, today when I woke up, I checked the thermostat and sure enough it was down to mid 50s and my roommates girlfriend looked like she might freeze to death even with her winter gear on.  I reset the thermostat, clipped and cleaned the common blue wire on both ends, cycled the furnace on and off, and finally, installed my old thermostat just so it would warm up.  That worked like a charm.  The furnace is blowing hot air and the house is warming up quickly.  My question is this:  What did I do wrong?  Is there some step I missed or is this particular model incompatible with my furnace?  My furnace and thermostat model are listed below.

White Rodgers 1F95-371

Carrier Weather Maker 8000


Thanks, Tyler.

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