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Rocket Appliance

Member Since 18 Dec 2007
Offline Last Active Aug 02 2015 03:30 AM

Topics I've Started

Bosch inductive cooktop M# NIT8065UC/01 dead...no power...

27 September 2014 - 01:38 AM

Hey everyone...I have a customer with this cooktop...just shut off one day and wouldn't come back on...I went to check for correct voltage and found a few really loose connections...I seem to remember that it was the ground wire. So I re did all the connections and repowered the unit (I did have correct voltage) still nothing....darn! Thought I'd found the issue...no such luck..still dead no response from the metal touch panel.....
I didn't have time to remove cooktop from a difficult install,customer only allowed for 1 hour for service, it's gonna take me that to get it out of the custom island lol
Question is does anyone have a similar repair under thier belts? Or maybe some tips for diagnosing? Domo to the Samuri for the service download but I'm still unsure how to proceed?...(hard time following the literature)
Thanks as always in advance for everyone's help and time.


Samsung french door model# RF217ACRS missing segments in display?

30 May 2013 - 02:12 AM

Ive have this Samsung model#RF217ACRS  thats driving me nuts....its missing all the segments in the display except for 2 small segments on the right side (fridge side) on the display.....also you cant make any adjustments either? I installed a new display board....nothing,...exactly same as before....so I thought ok...main control installed that tonight...nothing,..exactly the same as before again???

What am I missing? I think Im losing it lol.... Thanks again ,.. Rocket

How do you test a whirlpool style door lock assembly?

02 May 2013 - 02:41 PM

just wanted to know if there's a test for this lock assembly others than parts changing monkey business....

Fridgidare FSGC447GHS0 Gas Dryer heats once then nothing

31 August 2010 - 09:05 AM

Greetings to all!

I hope one of the oh mighty gurus on here can throw us a bone!.

We are working on a Fridgidare FSGC447GHS0 Gas Dryer,

When you start a fresh cycle the igniter heats (amp draw is within spec) and the gas valve opens, burner fires and you get heat for one cycle, However when the unit attempts to relight, the igniter lights but there is no ignition?.

Our tech suspects the gas valve holding coils may be the root cause of the fault; as it is possible they may be failing and have enough jam to open the valve once  but after heating up they change in value and are unable to reopen the gas valve. but Is not certain.

I managed to obtain the parts catalog but cannot find a service manual so that we have some idea of what resistance to expect in order to further isolate the cause of the fault.

any ideas or links to literature would be greatly appreciated
Best Regards
Corey Topper
Rocket Appliance
Sechelt BC:?

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