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Member Since 26 Dec 2007
Offline Last Active Apr 26 2013 09:13 AM

Topics I've Started

Whirlpool Duet GHW9150PW0 water drip into tub

21 April 2013 - 06:08 PM

With the mem sahib (the Mrs.) out of town and me trying to be a good hubby, I took a small blanket that she had washed (we can't have anything nice; we have cats!) out of the washer to dry it, I noticed that there was about a gallon of water in the tub and a slight drip out of the water inlet. Thinking that the blanket had been out of balance, I set it to spin and in 12 minutes, it was dry enough to put in the dryer.


End of story, or so I thought. Just now, I looked at the washer and it is still slightly dripping and has water in the tub. This washer has been running fine since 2009 when I replaced the logic/circuit/mother board. I'm guessing the problem now is the water inlet valve. There's just the two of us so it's not like it's on all the time. Well, us and whatever things need washing that the cats arfed up on... :blinky:


BUT, since this same weekend, I replaced a flush valve on a slow-filling toilet upstairs that turned out to have a largish piece of dislodged rust in the line and bits in the flush valve, I'm wondering if the same fate hasn't befallen the water inlet valve on the washer.


I thought I'd run this by the group to see if my analysis held any water. (no pun inteded). I don't now if they can be cleaned like a dishwasher inlet valve but I would rather order one and have it handy in case it needs to be replaced.


What say you?


Many thanks!

Whirlpool Duet gas dryer model # GGW9250PW0, s/n MS0303753 no heat

21 November 2010 - 02:11 PM

This pair had been doing SO well! My last visit was late 2007,
Whirlpool Duet Gas Dryer Mod# GGW9250PW0, S/N MS0303753 - no heat ...

So, here's the deal per the m'em sahib; clothes not drying but everything else appears normal.
Hoping it was something simple like last time (Thermal Fuse) I replaced the TF (I bought two at the time!). Nah, that didn't do it. Actually, it fired as normal and finished drying a load of clothes. But the next load was cold, no heat.
I pulled the file and diags from my last effort here and observed...
The dryer enters diagnostic mode with no errors, door switch, moisture sensor all work, that is, they passed their respective tests.
The drum spins (no apparent motor problem) and the control panel starts and stops the unit like it should.
Termistor resistance is 8.9 +/- @ 75 degrees, which seems to be in line.
Gas valve test gave resistance readings of:
1402 ohms across terminals 1 & 2 (specs call for 1365 +/- 25)
569 ohms across terminals 1 & 3 (specs call for 560 +/- 25)
1295 ohms across terminals 4 & 5 (specs call for 1220 +/- 25)
Are these within allowable tolerances?
What I see when I watch it try to start with the toe panel removed is the drum starts to turn, the ignitor glows, the gas enters and ignites and burns for perhaps 20-30 seconds then shuts off. Everything else continues, i.e., the drum still turns, the display still looks normal, just not gas/heat. I will come back and repeat the sequence but the gas never stays on for very long.
What am I missing?


Duet Front Load Washer - Mod# GHW9150PW0 won't drain

18 January 2009 - 11:29 AM

Well, we fixed the Duet gas dryer thanks to this site in late 2007; guess the washer felt left out as it's needing attention now.

The problem: It doesn't drain completely, on any cycle.

What I've done so far:

1: Argued with the me'm sahib (that was NOT productive!)
2: Pulled the bottom panel and oooh'd and ahhhh'd.
3: Unscrewed the pump filter/cover to check for flotsam/jetsam.
4: Found only one (1) dime and one (1) straight pin. (?)
5: Pulled the pump and removed the motor to check for any surprises (none)
6: Put it back together and ran Drain and Spin cycle. Still water in tub.
7: Ran diagnostics; no apparent trouble codes (actually, put this back up towards top)

Now, according to the manual, no water should be introduced during the Drain/Spin cycle. We observed water entering the tub starting at about the 3 minute mark.

Just finished the Rinse/Spin cycle and it is indistinguishable from the Drain/Spin, i.e., at about the 3 minute mark (when, to my mind, it should not be adding water but spinning like crazy to eliminate it), it's adding water, up to and including the 1 minute mark. So, at the end of the cycle, the laundry is sitting in water.

So, do you think we're looking at a control module or a rotary switch or...?

Many thanks for any help coming our way!:yikes:

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