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#90785 Maytag Neptune MAH3000AWW

Posted by BamZipPow on 07 March 2008 - 01:43 PM

Serial number 19135015UD

Okay...my first post here.  So being a computer geek...I was wondering.  How many modifications has anyone done to their Neptune to enhance it besides pulling and replacing parts?

Moved to Houston and got my first Maytag Neptune (free) with upgraded motor/controller board and main controller board.  Main bearings were noisy.  I just needed a washer to work fer the moment and free was good.  The bearings finally gave up it's final ghost and I got a 2nd Neptune MAH3000AWW with noisy bearings fer $40.  That way if I screwed up the first one, I would have parts to work with.  The first Neptune bearings were so far gone the inner tub actually could be lifted about 1.5" from where it was resting on the outer tub.  The bottom of the unit was covered completely in rust colored liquid.

So my investments in Neptunes are pretty low at this stage compared to the other who have bought theirs from the beginning and have struggled to keep them working.

I got the bearing kit from Bee Smart E-Z Way fer about $150 shipped (COD only).  Good instructions and basic tool set.  I still needed a sledge hammer, Phillips #2 screwdriver, 5/16" socket, 9/16" socket, inner snap ring pliers.  After a few trials with other tools to pull the bearing set out, I found out that it was best to just use brute force and knock it out as the bearings were definitely set in place.  I even got a 3/4" x 18" pipe and a pipe cap to help pound out the inner bearing.  I got smart after smacking my hand with the sledge hammer to use some vice grips to hold on to the pipe with.

Using this thread I got my 2nd set of bearings shipped fer about $25 total.  Just have to git a new seal and I should be ready to tackle the 2nd Neptune once I git the first one swapped back in.

The BeeSmart EZ Way instructions said to drill out the bottom weep hole to 5/16".  I also drilled out the top weep hole to 1/4".  They made their own bearing seal and replaced the inner sleeve with their own spacer washer.  The spacer I got was too big (outside diameter) and didn't fit past the first bearing so it made it impossible to install the tub so I had them ship a new one.  I guess you could file the washer down yerself if you had the time or effort.  Good kit but could use some small improvements.  :D

1. So looking over the washer and the mess from the weep holes, I figured I could put a 5/16" OD clear poly drain hose on the bottom weep hole and put that into a glass spagetti jar located near the front of the washer.  Hopefully that would contain any blow by from the weep hole and keep that mess from the bottom of the washer.  Secure that hose in place with some silicone to seal the hose to the hole and a zip tie to secure the drain hose on the rubber hose located on the bottom of the outer tub.  I isolated the spagetti car with some more plumber's putty to keep it from rattling.  Added a 1/4" OD clear poly hose to the top weep hole and secured that to the outer tub as well but threaded it through one of the holes located near the control panel.  I'm thinking of adding a quiet aquarium air pump to pump air through that weep hole to clear any water that might even think about gitting past the bearing seals.

2. I upgraded the pulley bolt to a Grade 8  (3/8" dia x 1/2" length). 

3. I put some GE Silicone II black silicone sealant with BioSeal protection between the seal race and the tub support to make sure water wouldn't leak in from there.  I also added it on the exposed outer tub hub to seal it from further corrosion.

4. I found the edge near the wiring fer the door lock to be sharp so I rounded the edge out with a few strokes of the file.  

5.  I noticed the rust build up under the bleach/softener dispenser ring in both Neptunes.  I cleaned mine out completely with some rust remover (plus some elbow grease) and put a bunch of plumber's putty around the ring to prevent further rusting.  Not bad fer a $2 fix and hopefully it will keep the lid from rusting out.

6. Replace all three wax motors with the brown actuator pins to the newer ones with the black actuator pins.  Looks like I have to order 5 of them to replace the ones in the 2 washers.  The first Neptune already has 1 of the black pin actuators on the door lock.

7. I still have to add the 1/2 amp fuse mod to the door lock wax motor.  Is this required fer the black actuator pin wax motors?  Do I need to add a fuse to the other wax motor located near the bleach/softner dispenser, too?

8. Adding some extra sound proofing to the inside of the cabinet to help reduce any extra noise.

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