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Robin the Hood

Member Since 30 Apr 2008
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No "tickee", no "washee" - Kenmore Built Whirlpool's timer will not...

30 May 2013 - 07:40 PM

Greetings, oh-long-lost-bretheren o'mine!


Model: 110.28894791


Serial: CJ0701440


So - up until 2 days ago, machine worked fine (yes - a little beat up when we bought it used 3 years ago, but for $150? No contest!)


Now, will fill just fine...but won't move on after that.


No sounds whatsoever coming from the timer...am used to that quiet ticking/ratcheting sound.


Hubby is willing to attempt a repair, but he's a 2-beer only operator. Anything beyond that, and I'll be getting a "new" used machine.


I know that you all are wisest of the wise....what need this lowly (and no longer Whirlpool employed) appliantologist do? I appeal to the greatest masters of the art!




Robin the Hood

Brand New User Interface for KitchenAid Built In oven KEBS107DWH1

06 November 2010 - 04:39 PM

Bought it from the manufacturer...ribbon connector has 2 too many connectors, & since I supplied the part number, cannot return.

NEW condition, retails for $265 at RepairClinic. Will sell for $150 OBO.

Whirlpool part # 4451264

fits models:


click on picture
Posted Image


22 August 2010 - 02:24 PM

The saga continues....

As I mentioned a while back, while asking about cucharachas and my 1997 Amana Refrig  (which is NOT infected after all), hubby and I recently purchased and moved into a 1930's era home.

Now, to date, the only appliances we've had to purchase are some refurbished Whirlpool-built Kenmore laundry appliances ($340 for the pair, and no electronics...hallelujah!)

Today, we finally went over to a colleagues house & pick up our free range!

It is, unfortunately, a GE...but am I right in calculating this bad-boy dates back to 1969? (Hey...it was FREE!)  :shock:

The good news is that everything works...with the exception of the broil element in the main oven and the "sensi-temp" burner on the left front.  This is a 40" range with a standard size self-clean oven, and a half-oven on the left hand side. The knob for THAT oven is missing (although the calibration parts remain behind), and I've looked at repair clinic, but the only knobs there don't seem to be the one I'm looking for...if I'm correct, this oven would be standard clean (not self clean) and I don't see anything that would lead me to believe it actually had a rotissiere in that long ago...

Okay, so my question is...am I right in my calculation that it's a 1969? Parts are still available for it, but whoo! PRICEY.

But the range was free, it's kinda "cool" and I'd much rather spend maybe $200 for parts than blow a wad on a new range with no character and an ECB that'll eventually blow.

Opinions, please?

Oh, and hubby is of the opinion that the bake function in the main oven will work just fine without the broil.  I've always been under the impression that the broil element works in conjunction with the bake element to provide browning, and that THAT part, at least, is an investment I should make if I want to be ready for this upcoming holiday's baking.

Any words of wisdom, guys and gals?

Amana Side by Side, Model SGD22TW

19 June 2010 - 09:16 PM

Okay...at the tender age of 47 (48 next Saturday), I finally bought a house!

It's gonna be a money pit.

Okay... so THAT was appropros of nothing....

The refrigerator is a 97 model Amana; it was pretty grungy, but cooling when I started tearing it down and washing it up (Hey! I'm not a COMPLETE idiot...I unplugged it first).

When I had that hubby o'mine pull it out from the wall, 4 or 5 German type cockroaches ran for the floor boards. I wiped 'em out with my trusty bottle of 409, and haven't seen any since.

Have checked the condenser area and rapped on the back...no additional escapees, and a crack along the floor trim seems to be where the nasty critters came from (there's an old root cellar in the crawlspace), but my question is...how does one assure oneself that there isn't a roach hotel in the fridge-a-fator insulation?

I know they can chew through wiring, etc.

Hubby's gonna pop off the 2 rear access panels when we head back over there tomorrow, but what, exactly, should we be looking for, and where?

I've had those calls before (working for a major manufacturer of white goods, I've pretty much heard it all...mice baked in range insulation during the self-clean, rats that have chewed through the wiring under a dishwasher, etc.)

Knowing that ya'all have been there, done that (and would prefer NOT to do it again), any insight would be appreciated!:yikes::yikes:

Sunbeam Rocket Grill, Model RG12, Service #7530, Date Code Y092

06 June 2010 - 10:26 AM

Okay, to begin...yeah, it's a countertop (not major) appliance, and NO, I won't be like "toaster guy" and go out of my way (or too far out of pocket) to fix it....

Hubby was "gifted" this little miracle of Modern Science by his late (and not-so-great) boss. He absolutely adores the buggardly thing (I myself don't use it).

The itty-bitty place I DO have in my heart for this thing is that a) hubby likes to cook, and B) hubby leaves my kitchen (usually) looking like something exploded, and c) when he uses this little gem, my kitchen doesn't need a power washer to clean.

He cooks; he's not much on clean up.

At any rate, we're preparing to move into an abode we will actually OWN, and while packing, I noted a bit o'greasy dust on the top of the unit.  I made the mistake of trying to wipe that dust off with a damp sponge.  Image my shock and surprise when all of the indicator lettering on the control panel of the machine first smeared, then disappeared!

Tain't no big thing as far as the selector (2 choices, which are illustrated in the users guide) and the preheat indicator (red means "stop", green means "go"), but since you're pretty much at the mercy of the timer knob, it'd be nice to know if you're setting the thing for 1 minute, 1.5, 2, 2.5, etc.

Reviews online say this is a common occurrence, but have yet to find anyone who knows what to do about it.  The Sunbeam site (of course!) doesn't mention it - at all.

I've sent the obligatory e-mail to customer service (the phone numbers given there are for sales, not assistance), but am not holding out much hope of a positive reply.

Short of looking for detailed photos of the timer online and going at the thing with a magic marker, have any of you run into this in your wanderings?  I hate to toss the thing (I don't even know if they're being sold anymore; Sunbeam states they are "currently out of stock), and after a mere 23 years of marriage, hubby has been giving me the "evil eye" (maybe a bottle of Bourbon will assuage the anger?)

Any assistance you can give would be greatly appreciated!

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