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Member Since 05 May 2008
Offline Last Active Aug 31 2013 09:09 AM

Topics I've Started

Water Heater P&T valve leaking - pressure coming in from city

27 June 2013 - 09:12 AM

I found a post in this forum that appears to answer my question, but I wanted to start a new topic to get a better grasp of the big picture.


My p&t valve line goes up and out to the patio. There appears to be water there (maybe 8 to 10 oz) every morning (after showers?). Here's the post that leads me to believe its either build up or too much pressure.




So if it is too much pressure, here's my question; how much pressure should be coming in from the street? Its City water. Is this a measurable thing, for a non-plumber like myself? A way to test it?


We have a toilet that chronically runs for a second or two occasionally (I've replaced the entire tank kit by now) that also made me think I had too much pressure.


I'm familiar with the valve to limit the incoming pressure, but only in passing. I say hello. Its silent...


Any advice would be grratly appreciated. Even if its "Dude, call a plumber..." I can post pics and models #'s, but for now its more of a general, philosophical discussion.





The Big Oven 5.14 Model ACF422GAB control panel is dead

04 February 2012 - 10:44 AM

At least it seems to be dead - clock, oven controls, etc., don't work. The burners work, so its not power, and I looked inside for obvious shorts or burned wires. All looks good, just not "on".

Is there some kind of fuse or reset? I found the part on the repair clinic site (see link below) - they say its no longer available. Perhaps there is a substitute?

Or is it time for a new range? (that is the current plan; there is some pressure from the "lets just get a new one" lobby)..

Thank you, as always.


Outlook Express 6 "does not recognize sender's address" after Identity switch

08 January 2009 - 03:20 AM

Otherwise, Outlook works fine. Internet connectivity works fine. Everything fine until you switch to a new identity, then you get this error message. Last time it happened, I opened the message and clicked on my "from" address; the pulldown gave me two instances of the same e-mail address. Picked "the other one" and it worked just fine. Now my wife says she doesn't get the option of clicking on the "from" address.

Anybody ever seen this? Know what's happening? Know how to fix? Know a good local IPA in Atlanta?

Its a Windows2k machine, pentium 3, running OE6 and IE7. MS office is installed. Run my updates regularly. I do have Norton on the machine (unitl my subscription runs out; then I'll uninstall that crap as fast as I can)

Could Norton be messing with it?



Wireless phone (2.4ghz) interferes with wireless router (g) 2.4ghz

15 December 2008 - 02:51 AM

Is this a feasible scenario? I have found a few posts in less esteemed forums which tell of this interference, but don't offer any suggestions for avoiding it. Since I have VOIP, the phone modem and the cable modem & router are all on the same desk. I have NOT hardwired my VOIP into my old land line system yet, in case we decide we do need to return to the olden days and get a Bell line again.

To recap:
Wireless G router (using cable) 2.4 ghz
Wireless phone base station 2.4 ghz

1. Do they interfere with each other?
2. Will simple distance correct my problem (i.e moving phone to another room)?
3. Do I simply have to live with crappy voice quality on VOIP (maybe its not the intereference...maybe its just not good technology)?
4. Would a Wireless N router help with signal strength?
5. Do I have to live with no internet in basement since it has to go through a floor and a concrete foundation wall? Although the phone gets down there...

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Any advice, admonishments, suggestions, ridicule, support, or simple camaraderie will be too.


KitchenAide Superba Model KSRS25QDWH01 mfg 02.96 condensation in freezer

22 October 2008 - 01:28 AM

Again, freezer seems plenty cold. There is condensation at the top, which leads to frost, which leads to ice, anger leads to suffering...

Have tried turning temp down a bit, turning temp up a bit (see "grasshopper") but it still forms.

Fridge also seems fine, and there is a slight amount of condensation in there, but not enough to collect. Beer is safe - its downstairs in the cheap fridge.

One confession: we put the kids' oatmeal on that top shelf to cool, thereby producing condensation, but this frost is, like, 6 or 7 centimeters thick. Icicles can be an inch or two long. Seems like too much for the oatmeal to explain...

KitchenAide Superba Model KSRS25QDWH01 mfg 02.96

Searched the forums, but most posts seem to also mention the fridge side being warm.

By the way, you all managed to help fix the icemaker - its been fine. I did wonder if it was getting hot or sumpin, but its not. here's the post on that one:


I'm in your hands.

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