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Electrician Dude

Member Since 12 May 2008
Offline Last Active Feb 24 2011 06:36 PM

Topics I've Started

Frigidaire D/W Won't Drain

23 February 2011 - 06:13 PM

My friend has a brand new Frigidaire D/W Model # FGHD 2433KB1 that won't drain. Wife is not pleased. Please help.

Amana membrane switch Model AOCD2779WW

20 October 2010 - 07:34 AM

Looking for A membrane switch for an Amana AOCD2770WW. I think the part # is 31795902W (white)

Amana wall oven model AOCD2770WW

15 October 2010 - 09:49 AM

A friend of mine has an Amana wall oven model #AOCD2770WW serial # 0107224062 I have not looked at it yet but she described the problem as: The oven light works, cannot set clock or move timer, bake- cannot set temp, and temp/timer up and down buttons do not work. I called Amana this morning and the service tech said to try A hard reset by cycling the main power off for about 15 minutes and then back on. I will do that this evening. He then said if this does not work to call back to schedule service. Which I am not going to do. If I discover that it is the controller does any one have any ideas and a part number?

Christmas Tree Light Hell

09 January 2009 - 08:54 AM

I know you men and women are primarily appliance GURU’S but you might get A laugh out of this anyway. I know the Christmas season is over and what A trying time that can be anyway but this one will make you think. I am an industrial plant electrician with 22 years of experience and I know I haven’t seen it all.

I pull out the dreaded mini-lights for the Christmas tree. I have 4 sets of the really cool ones with their own controller. They have 3 distinctive circuits red, blue, and green. You can tell this because the controller can operate them individually. I plug the first 2 in and everything is great. I plug the 3rd one in and the blue lights are not working. No big deal I’ll get to that one in a minute (I tell myself.) I plug the 4th one in and again the blue lights don’t work (Huh that’s weird I tell myself.) I go back to the 3rd one and start to push on the bulbs to make sure they are seated in their sockets. After about half way down the string they start to work. I figure if that worked on the 3rd one it might work on the 4th one. I follow the same patented procedure with the 4th set. You guessed it, it didn’t work. I tell my family that I want to go to Home Depot tomorrow and buy one of cool mini-light tester-outer-fixers. We let it set plugged in while we put the other three up. During this time my wife keeps telling me that there is a blue light in the green circuit on the one that that isn’t working. I dismiss this as I do SOME of the things she suggests when it comes to electrical troubleshooting. She keeps insisting that it bothers her and she wants to change it. I finally get tired of hearing about it so I tell her to change it. You know what happens now! Yep as soon as she takes the blue light out of the green circuit the blue circuit starts working. The green lights all go out obviously because there is now a bulb missing, right. "What do I do now?" she asks. At this point I could have went into an hour-long lecture on how what I just saw was impossible and didn’t make any sense. I just smiled and said put A green bulb back in that empty socket. She does this and everything is good.

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