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Cracked drums on LG dryers

06 June 2013 - 07:48 PM

I noticed something on a LG dryer the other day. It was stacked, so I ordered parts and scheduled it with a helper. We took it down and tore it apart to install new rollers, belt, and pulley, The left side roller on the front bulkhead was totally destroyed. I replaced it with the shaft/pulley assembly and just the rollers on the other 3, cleaned and lubed of course. We put it together and tested it. It had a pretty solid drum seam thump when running.


We took it back apart and I found the drum did not touch the right front roller at all, maybe 3/8" or more gap. When I checked the panel I noticed there are 2 holes in the area of that rollers shaft location. The dryer was kinda toasted inside so there was a clear mark where the shaft was mounted, so we are certain the new shaft was in the same location the factory had used. I move the shaft to the other hole and the dryer ran smooth and quiet. 


I wonder how often the factory uses the wrong hole, and this might be causing the cracked drums. In the wrong position, that roller does nothing, and the left hand roller bears all the weight in the front. The excess load on a single point working on that seam could be causing the cracking, at least in some cases.



Loctite Freeze and Release

18 November 2012 - 09:04 AM

Anyone try any of these new "thermal shock/penetrant" products? It looks like something worth trying.

Flood-Safe hoses

31 October 2012 - 07:11 PM

How many times have you run a call that the problem was the Food-Safe hoses not allowing waterflow into the washer? Well, today I had another one and for added drama toss in a customer who thinks he knows what's going on, but actually he is just an ass.

The complaint was no water entering machine, no hot or cold fill. I get there, turn it on, and I can hear the coils on the fill valve humming. I check to see if the water is turned on and discover that these are Flood-Safe hoses. I remove the hoses from the washer ends and show the customer the hoses are not allowing any water to pass.

Now assman decides to inform me that "the check valves have been taken out" and the problem "must be the washing machine". I tell him the check valve is inside the hose, and it most certainly was not removed, although I could see someone had broke out the centers of the flow restricters. So, I get a normal hose from my truck and put it on the cold valve, now water goes in. He doesn't believe me, so I do the same with the hot. I did the demonstration for him a second time and this dipshit still says the problem can't be the hoses because his insurance company said he had to use them. I tell him those hoses will not work and I find them bad all the time. At this point I decide my visit to Moronville was over, I'll leave him with his special hoses and what ever mental defect he caries.

Before I left, I told him if his insurance company said he had to use Flood-Safe hoses, and he had a flood claim, they would demand to inspect the hoses before making any payment. If they found the hoses modified, you can be sure they will not pay for any damages.

Is this really my life?

Renew cordless tool batteries?

16 October 2012 - 05:36 AM

I've seen ads and offers that claim they can provide a proceedure to renew a cordless tool battery that no longer holds a charge. Anyone have any knowledge, or first hand expierence, with this practice?


Defective Customer...

13 June 2012 - 07:00 PM


A man walks into a home to service a whirlpool front load washer with a F-11 error code. The customer bought a repair/warrenty plan with a $500 limit. If it's over $500 you can either pay the extra or get the $500 towards a new machine. Plus, the plan requires the tech to use rebuilt parts if available, our computers will not allow us to order a new part if a rebuilt exists. I determine the motor control is bad, and I have a rebuilt control on the truck. I did not have a new part, I would have had to order one, except I'm not allowed.

Now the shit starts..

First, the costs exceed the limit by $25, and she refuses to pay that. And, the price with a new, not rebuit, control would require her to pay an extra $190. Plus, she refuses to accept a rebuilt part, PLUS she will not accept the $500 toward a new machine. So she embarks on an hour long call campaign to get her way. I end up talking to a bunch of peons who can not change the facts as I presented to this woman. During this hour, I installed the rebuilt board and HAD IT RUNNING just so everyone knew my diagnosis is correct. After more than an hour of listening to her carry on about not paying any extra or using rebuilt parts, I removed my working control, put her defective part back in, and reassembled the machine. I called my manager and filled him in on the details. He told me to pack up and go.

She was still flapping her gums on the phone when I drove off.

The more people I meet, the more I like my pets.

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