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Member Since 17 Sep 2008
Offline Last Active Jun 28 2012 12:07 AM

Topics I've Started

Whirlpool/Kenmore 110 63012101 electric dryer thermostat keeps fryin'

04 March 2012 - 02:28 PM

Have a Kenmore/Whirlpool electric dryer about 10-15 years old. Ran, but did not heat. Followed your guidelines, checked the power coming in, getting 240V and 120 on the motor. Checked continuity on the fuses and thermostats. Found a thermostat (of course the hardest one to get to) on the metal bracket enclosing the heater coil to be bad. Got a new kit (came with both thermostats) popped it in and it worked. Ran one load of clothes, nice and dry. Put in another load this morning, no heat. Jumped the replaced the new thermostat and the coils heat up.
What can be causing the thermostat to fry?


Amana TZ19QW Refrigerator

24 January 2009 - 02:15 PM

I believe I have a clogged frost drain, but I cannot find a schematic on how to locate it or how to take the freezer apart to check. Amana's site only has an installation guide. Looking inside, it is not obvious which screws to remove to remove the bottom pan.

Any pointers in the right direction are appreciated.

Kenmore 665.16639000 much louder during wash/heat cycle

18 September 2008 - 01:33 AM

I have looked through all of the discussions on noisy/loud Kenmore dishwashers, but my issue seems different.

Last night we heard the dishwasher much louder than normal. I describe it as an airplane engine starting up. It is NOT a grinding, crunching, or whining sound. Just much louder than normal, maybe sounds a bit off-balanced (sorta like a washing machine).

After being educated by the many gurus on these forums I figured either the motor/pump assembly has one foot in the grave or a seal is shot and/or the bearing is going.

We ran the dishwasher in Quick Rinse mode and it sounded fine. I will try Pots & Pans once it is filled up (very soon with 4 kids).

I took the kick plate off and took a look. No water on the floor. No visible signs of corrosion anywhere. Doesn't sound like a seal is leaking. I will listen with my eyes when it runs next to try and pinpoint where the noise is coming from.

My question is mostly related to why the noise only occurs during the heating cycle. I don't want to start swapping parts out on a $400 (5 years ago) unit that I already replaced the control panel on.

I also am unsure how to get the motor/pump out. I believe others claimed to do it without taking the dishwasher out, but the only picture I saw from the benevolent Samurai shows the whole thing upside down (and without the normal step by step pictures). There isn't much room with it standing upright.

My family awaits your wisdom to be bestowed upon me in this quest to avoid dishpan hands.

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