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Member Since 05 Oct 2008
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Topics I've Started

GE Washer WJSE4150B1WW - Banging Noise During Spin

10 July 2013 - 12:44 AM



I am in need of assistance with my GE washer WJSE4150B1WW which has developed a loud "bang bang" noise as the spin cycle starts. I removed the front panel and confirmed the noise, which sounds like a hammer is striking metal, is coming from the area where the motor and tub meet (can't identify the exact component). The frequency of the banging increases as the spin speed increases.The belt looks normal and the pump is OK. It will actually spin when unloaded or lightly loaded, but has trouble with a moderate load. 


From reading the forum & FAQ entries, it appears that it could be a bearing or the transmission/clutch. Are there any good diag workflows for identifying the offending part?



GE Dryer DWSR483GB1CC - Leaking Gas

07 March 2010 - 12:01 PM


I have a 5 y/o GE Dryer model # DWSR483GB1CC that appears to have a slow gas leak, at least according to my nose. I'm fairly certain that the leak is not in the line going to the dryer and the gas smell goes away when the external valve is closed. It takes several hours with dryer off to notice the smell & it's most concentrated around the back vents just above the gas supply inlet. From searching around & reviewing parts diagrams, the most likely culprit is the internal (to dryer) valve or solenoid. This model does not appear to have a discrete solenoid, so that leaves the valve barring any internal cracks, etc.

Question: What is the best way to open the dryer & inspect the valve assembly? Looking at the back of the unit, it looks like the entire back cover (aside from the top control unit cover) must come off. Can anyone reference a diagram or procedure to access the valve?


GE Refrigerator GSS25JFPJCC w/ fan motor noise

17 June 2009 - 07:17 PM


I have a GE side by side refrigerator model # GSS25JFPJCC which has developed a louder than usual humming/vibrating noise. About a year a go I had the main control (mother) board replaced under a warranty extension but now it has developed a noise which I suspect may be the evap fan motor. The fan is blowing air in the freezer compartment but sounds like it may be near the end of its life.  With the freezer OFF (i.e., set to 0), then turn ON, I hear what sounds like the compressor start follow by spin up of the evaporator fan. I couple seconds later, the humming/vibrating noise appears.

I was going to order the replacement fan motor but the parts website shows a motor with or w/o a thermistor wired into the connecting harness. Is there a way I can tell if I need the thermistor on the harness w/o taking it apart?



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