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In Topic: GE JTP27BA3BB oven thermostat burned up

17 November 2013 - 11:38 PM

Update: Replaced the lower oven thermostat. Everything running fine now. Had to pull out entire double oven from wall but I had a 4 wheel moving H-Dolly and some wood that I could stack up to just the right height allowing me to slide the unit onto the dolly. Didn't want to press my wife into service on this one. I rolled it out just enough  for me to get behind and remove the old thermostat sensor wire and replace with the new one.


Wanted to do a professional job and make sure the new connections were low resistance nice and solid so bought a pair of ratcheting crimpers for the new crimp connectors I was using. I also heat shrinked all exposed metal on the connectors.


The only snag was that I bought the thermostat from the cheapest place I could get it online. It did come in an OEM GE factory box but when I went to screw the thermostat housing back into the oven faceplate the screws from the old thermostat would not screw in. When I examined the thermostat holes where the screws were to go in, I discovered that they were unthreaded. I mean completely smooth. I couldn't believe it, I had gotten this far only to be thwarted by a flaw in the part. Luckily I had a tap and die set and was able to thread the holes and get the screws to fit. I actually made a mistake on the first hole and tapped using the next size up. Luckily I had just the right length screw in my spare fastener box. I tapped the remaining hole with the right size and the original screw went right in. This is probably the third time I used that set but man it paid for itself on this one.


Oh yeah the other problem was the thermostat terminals were not labeled. I had taken pictures of the wiring before removing them so was able to determine where most of them went but for the two or three wires that had completely melted I did not know where they went.


I used the service manual sheet found inside the unit which had a nice schematic and description of operation. I used my multimeter and rotated the thermostat knob through all of the states of operation and was able to figure out thermostat terminal labels.   


Used my bbg grill electronic thermometer and looks like it was working fine. Not sure how accurate it is supposed to be but when set to 350 and after about a 20 min steady state had been reached I got fluctuations -10 and +50 degrees F. The top oven, which uses a digital control mechanism was a little bit better giving -10 +20 degrees F so I figured the lower oven oil thermal expansion based thermostat fluctuations were probably good enough.

In Topic: GE JTP27BA3BB oven thermostat burned up

29 August 2013 - 10:29 PM

So here are pictures of the shorted thermostat connections:




Below you can see the blade connectors removed from the device and how the connections seemed to burn out inside of the device with the metal still inside the female portion of the connector. (yellow wire)





I did check all of the broiler and bake element wires and they both show ~18 ohms and no shorts to chassis/neutral/ground. So this leave me uneasy about the failure mechanism. Could it simply be that one of the connections wasn't very good and over time a high resistance developed which caused more heat inside the device eventually leading to a short?

In Topic: GE JTP27BA3BB oven thermostat burned up

29 August 2013 - 12:23 PM

That is not what I wanted to hear. :( Rather than haphazardly emoving screws do you know if there is a recommnended procedure for doing this? For instance, this is a double wall oven but it is not clear whether the entire stacked unit needs to be pulled out of the wall at once or if the inner oven cubes (i.e. part 201 -WRAPPER OVN CAV ASM on the lower and upper oven parts diagram)  can be removed separately exposing the oil-filled temp sensor wire. Any hints would be greatly appeciated.

In Topic: GE JTP27BA3BB oven thermostat burned up

29 August 2013 - 10:39 AM

I will check resistance to chassis/ground when I get home tonight. I also have to check the broiler element as I had forgotten About that one. Part is on order and should arrive Sat buy I still don't know how to weave the temp probe down to the lower oven without taking the top oven out. Was hoping someone suggest procedure that requires minimal amount of oven removal. Thanks again for all your help. I'll post pictures of the failed components as soon as I can.

In Topic: GE JTP27BA3BB oven thermostat burned up

28 August 2013 - 11:22 PM

Just pulled out the lower oven heating element and the wires look in great shape. I measured the resistance at the element contacts and it reads 18 ohms so that didn't cause the thermostat relay contacts to short. Any ideas on another failure mechanism?

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