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Topics I've Started

Maytag Neptune dryer won't heat MGD4000BWW (gas)

05 May 2013 - 11:07 AM

Well dryer stopped heating for some reason yesterday.  Of course I am in the middle of a major home project so this is just one more problem heaped onto the plate.  I am assuming the problem has something to do with the igniter or some some sort of sensor. I couldn't find a post specific to my model when searchiing I am getting  a "click" when the dryer starts which my understanding is the gas valves opening, but no heat.


I guess igniter?  Pop off front cover and rig the door to stay in place and observe if there is a glow of the igniter or not?


Thanks in advance.

Jenn Air (Maytag) JDR8895AAS Igniters fire continuously?

23 April 2013 - 09:00 AM

Well wife starts yelling at me this morning and I race into the kitchn and the igniters on my duel fuel range are all going off.  ALL the knobs are in the off position and nobody has been near the range since the evening before.


Had to cut the electricity to shut them off.  I read some other things online about dirt or moisture causing this, but the fact they just started clicking all by themselves makes me think this might be a good old "black box" problem where perhaps I need to simply replace a control module or some other "brain" electrical component.  The range has worked flawlessly for years up until it became inhabited by a ghost this AM.  Of course I am about to start putting in hardwoods, and this is just a pain...


I did fry up a bunch of turkey burgers on a griddle this weekend and have not cleaned the range top. So I do not think that moisture is the issue but perhaps the residual grease is part of the cause?  What is the best way to clean the stove top?????


Thanks in advance!


5 burner gas cooktop with dual electric ovens. Jenn Air JDR8895AAS


Condensation leaking into furnace and DIY furnace evap replacement

24 October 2012 - 11:27 AM

Condensation leaking into furnace part of unit. Can I cut into insulation board surrounding the evap coil to gain access to the coil? Seems like tech did this years ago when unit was serviced and coil cleaned. I am guessing dirty coil is at least part of the problem and there may be debris(?) blocking part of the condensation drain pan causing an overflow at the back of the unit? Any other thoughts on why I might be getting water leaking into the interior of the furnace?

This unit is old and I am guessing it needs to be replaced. the outside unit was replaced 8 or 9 years ago with a Goodman unit off of my homeshield warranty. I need to replace the blower motor as it is overheating and cuts off, slightly smoking after about 13 minutes. Just pulled the blower housing and about to pull the motor and source a replacement. I don't think the interior leaking had anything to do with the motor going out, as it was dirty, but dry.

I am thinking of a DIY replacement over a nice Texas fall weekend in November. How hard can this be? Mechanically it has to be easier than the cylinder head job I just did on my kid's Taurus. Seems like if I 1) match coil to compressor 2) have tech come and recharge freon and check pressures 3) am careful to make sure the installation is clean; it should not be too difficult. I am thinking I need a tech evacuate the freon before removing the old unit and then come out again to charge up the installed unit. Unless there is a way to collect the freon in the compressor? (read something about that somewhere)

Anyhow most important right now is clearing up the condensation leak since I am replacing the motor later today. But I am interested in opinions on DIY install as well.

As always thanks in Advance for any input!

Condenser Fan stops running- Fan or capacitor?

04 October 2012 - 05:03 PM

Goodman CKJ48-1AB

Thought that AC wasn't cooling 100%, and low and behold went outside and condenser fan was not turning and fan was hot as well as entire unit. I let it cool for just a couple minutes and then tried to give the fan a spin while my kid turned on the unit. Fan spun fine for a few minutes, the crapped out. I was unsure if perhaps having the fan unit so hot might have been part of the problem and causing the fan to shut down.

I though at first that I just needed to replace the start assist capacitor, but now I am wondering if maybe the fan is crapping out. It turns fairly easily, but seemed to come to a stop abruptly. Not grinding or hard to turn, but maybe not 100 percent?

So is there an easy way to test to see if the fan motor needs replacement? not an electrical genius but pretty handy. Already read about discharging the capacitor for safety.

thanks in advance

Water hammering on fill cycle Whirlpool DU915PWPS0

19 November 2011 - 05:27 PM

Had to turn off water at main valve to install new cabinetry. After install hot water hose to sink was partially clogged, and resulted in slow stream. Disconnected and "blew out" hose. After turning on water second time had water hammering at sink hot water, and bled outside faucets and then not more hammering at faucet. Finalreconnect test was Diswasher, and had hammering. Re-bled lines and hammering again.

Read a post that the problem could be clogged intake valve, which would make sense. Other thoughts? I am going to pull the line out and flush it out and hope for some debris and that may be the fix, but if not what should I attack next?

Thanks in advance

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