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Member Since 02 Nov 2008
Offline Last Active Jan 29 2014 10:05 AM

Topics I've Started

Kenmore dishwasher 565.16033401 light blinking 7 times

23 January 2014 - 07:56 AM


After running 10 mins or so the dishwasher stops working and the "clean" light blinks 7 times.

In the past my wife has been able to reset the machine by pressing the hi-temp wash and heated dry buttons successfully. Now after doing that same reset process, the dishwasher fails back to blinking light.

So what does 7 blinks mean and how to fix it. Also, we have never cleaned any components in the tub..by now I should think that might be part of the problem?

Thank you!

Whirlpool Conquest side by side making STAR TREK noise at startup...

18 June 2013 - 07:06 PM

So I just noticed that at startup my fridge has been somehow set to Star Trek Mode and making a bit of a freaky sound.


One of two things is going to happen when it finishes the "Beaming me up" noise :  a)  I am going to be beamed  to the wildfires out west,   or B) (less likely) that I will open the doors up and find it completely filled with the freshest groceries and beer...


is this noise indicative of impending compressor doom?

how to clean mist valve on Electrolux Dryer EIMED55

08 November 2012 - 07:30 AM

during dagnostic mode I noted no moisture coming from mist valve I believe to be located at about 11 oclock on the back wall of the dryer In test mode with flashlight and running it was dry as a bone. How to clean what may be a clog? thanks

Where can I get a service manual -ELECTROLUX DRYER MODEL# EIMED55IIWO

03 November 2012 - 07:28 AM


So, after 5 days (and STILL) no street power, I decided to rewash and dry the clothes that had been sitting in the wash tub since the power went out.

My generator is a Generac XP8000E with 8000run/10000surge. It is one of the "better" portable generators in that it is intended for safe use of sensitive electronic equipment like high efficiency furnaces, computers and televisions. It is properly back fed/direct wired to panel by an electrician. Let it be known I was extremely reluctant to use the dryer but felt it was within a relatively safe parameter to do so.

I made sure the only thing on at the time at the panel was the dryer. My no load voltage is 241 and 63hz. I assume generator voltage is tuned on the high side due to no load. Using a brand new Fluke 325 amp clamp, I would keep an eye on the wattage, volts and amperage.

Dryer set to normal mode, medium heat, it went on its way for the setting of 45 mins...fingers crossed. It lasted 38 mins.

With 7 mins left, the dryer stopped tumbling, but it kept timing down. Lights were still on (on the dryer panel) and the generator still produced power - no circuit breakers popped.

**operating/running stats:

load per leg
(black 120v) 22.81amp (x) 120 = 2727.2 watts. 58.9 hz
(red 120v) 25.08amps (x) 120 = 3009.60 watts.

Total combined 5746.80watts running

when the dryer stopped, I cancelled the remaining time and tried starting over at at lower temp. Lights came on but no tumble, no noises...just lights on the panel and inside the drum

I will retry when street power comes back on. I am hoping it just timed out? perhaps the Hz were too low? lowest was 58.9hz running, but i was running the generator at 75% capacity of running wattage (5700 out of the 8000- still with an additional 2000 surge.) Is there thermal protection that timed it out?

if the generator wasn't large enough, wouldn't it have either tripped something right away?

where do i look/go from here? thanks, Bob

Kenmore Elite oven 790.79363401 door not closing fully at top, light flickers

09 April 2012 - 08:59 AM

This stove is driving me nuts.. every time the friggin cat walks past it (or anyone else for that matter) - the oven light goes on and off.

It certainly isn't over used, no apparent bending of metal or hinges and nothing blocking the top of the door from seating fully against the seal.

I took the door off and reset it..didn't make a difference. I can push the door closed to a point that it looks like it should be, but it just falls back outwards.

I tried searching, but couldn't come up with a fix. I did see a post that said there were some models that were shipped with weak return springs?.

Thanks! Bc3

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