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26 June 2009 - 03:15 PM

I have a ge refrig that I'm having problems with. The original call was the freezer was defrosting and refrig not cold. I found the evap motor and board(of course) to be bad. After replacing them the refrig only gets down to 55 degrees. Freezer is perfect. I then replaced the other sensors even though they tested ok. The problem continued. After giving the refrig a thorough going through I found the red and wht evap windings reading 1.6k but the yellow and wht read 30-40 m/ohms. I think they should both read 1-3k. I also had 13 volts for both the red and yellow to evap motor.

So I decided that I had a bad new evap motor. I ordered another one and that one tested 14 m /ohms from yellow to white as well. I called my distributor to see if they have been having any problems with them and he later stated he had talked to 4 techs and no problem is known.

I once was told the same thing when a maytag timer was packaged incorrectly. 6 timers later, the last a special order, I finally got through to them and they pulled there whole stock.


Im afraid this is turning into a repeat of that.

What is the reading I should have from yellow to white on the evap motor? and has anyone else had this yet?  

GE Oven gas leak....again

24 June 2009 - 04:49 PM

I had a ge regulator and gas valve leak for a customer before and I replaced them both and had leaks at both again. At that job I tested the pressure to oven at 10"wc(lp). The guy ended up buying new and I ate all the parts. Talked to another tech who had the same problem with one.

Now I have another GE oven leaking gas around the regulator cap. I am afraid its gonna turn into the same thing.

The first job I tried a valve and 2 regulators and it still leaked. Anyone have problems with these regulators or know of a fix. Any guidance will be appreciated.

As I understand it, the caps have a weep hole for the air changes from the diaphram in the regulator.


19 June 2009 - 05:09 PM

I just want to introduce myself.

My name is Lane and I have been battling appliances for 15 years now.  I worked for a local Whirlpool dealer straight out of high school for 6 years. Seeking more money I started my own repair business and have been at it for 9 years. I work out of my home and do pretty well for my fam with it.  Problem is I have been basically doin it blind with just wiring diagrams(if provided). Whenever I get into a bind I always turn to the net and seem to always end up here. So today i took the plung on the 99 year membership because its a hell of a bargain for help with service manuals and when I get stumped.

Even though I've been doing this for awile I still consider myself green and learn new things every day. I look forward to learning, exchanging problems and solutions with all of you, and I also have plenty of stories to share.

C u all around!

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