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In Topic: Bosch SHE43f16UC won't drain

30 March 2013 - 03:32 PM

Sorry for the delay in response.  Things have been hectic.  Been washing dishes the "old fashioned" way.  Everything works now.


Quick overview.


1. Wouldn't drain

2. Replaced drain pump

3. Still wouldn't drain

4. Pulled dishwasher out

5. Checked float switch/float, all good

6. Pushed back into place

7. Would now drain, but wouldn't fill (did before pulling it out)

8. Sat for about one month not working on project

9. Called repair service

10. Red float rod was stuck (happened when pushing back in place apparently)

11. Repair serviceman moved that back into place, and left.  No charge

12.  All works again!


Unless there was something that was stuck in the drain line that got loosened by moving the dishwasher out, I did nothing other than replace the drain pump (and put the original one back in too and it still drained)  I've ran several full loads and everything works great.


Thanks for everyone's assistance along the way!


One final question, where do these two pieces go back into place at?


In Topic: Bosch SHE43f16UC won't drain

16 February 2013 - 01:30 PM

Time to call in the repair team.  It's been an overall slow process on my part, I was waiting for the terminal block to come from RepairClinic (and then find time to install it once it came), did that this morning, ran a quick wash and it counted down but nothing was happening (Start @ 32 Min, by 24 min, nothing in the tub), meaning no water was filling the tub.  Yes, water is turned on under the sink.


That being said, the pump is working again, I poured a glass of water in the dishwasher, cancelled the quick wash, and the water was pumped away.


Anything last minute to look for regarding the not filling with water issue before making a phone call to a local repair shop?  Was there another valve I may have closed on the dishwasher side that i forgot about?


Under sink: HW-Red Handle 1 (to sink, works), CW-Blue Handle1 (to sink, works), CW-Blue Handle tee'd to dishwasher (wide open, even tried "open/close" while waiting for the tub to fill in the event it was sticking).

In Topic: Bosch SHE43f16UC won't drain

10 February 2013 - 03:55 PM

Sump connection under sink to back of dishwasher was empty of water.


Where the line connects to the back of the dishwasher (removed white square clip that held it in place) that line connects to the image in post #17, leftmost tube, and that's empty of water.

In Topic: Bosch SHE43f16UC won't drain

10 February 2013 - 03:10 PM

Your punchlist, please respond explicitly to each:


- In front of this assembly should be the float assembly with a gray plunger and red piston.  Move the gray plunger up and down a few times to make sure it isn't stuck in the up (flooded) position.  


- Make sure the basin under the dishwasher is actually bone dry.  


- Check to see if the styrofoam float and arm assembly in the basin is hung up, stuck, impaired, not moving freely, etc.  


- Remove the drain hose from the drain pump and blow through it.  Should clear and initial slug of water and then it should blow free.  


1. it moves freely, up and down, and when moving it up, I hear it clicking the switch assembly


2. Completely dry to the touch, no standing water of any kind.  There is a small water stain, but it's been there for awhile


3. Float is intact and when moving the grey armature, it moves the red piston freely


4. No plugs in the line from the drain pump to the assembly unit with the switch


I've got everything back together, and made the mistake of removing the screws from the terminal block where the wiring connects.  They are loose now and won't hold the wires securely and will have to buy a new terminal block tomorrow.


Will report back with results after it's got power again.

In Topic: Bosch SHE43f16UC won't drain

03 February 2013 - 05:20 PM

To clarify, even though i've determined the "humming" is actually just the drain pump running "all the time", I should still test wiring?  I'm willing to try that, but not clear on how to do that.


With the dishwasher pulled out from under the cabinet the 120V wires don't reach to power it on, when it's in place under the counter and wired up to the power main, which wires should I be testing?

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