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Topics I've Started

Bosch SHE43f16UC won't drain

26 January 2013 - 07:06 PM

My dishwasher (installed and functioning for ~3 years now) had water standing after the last wash cycle, and it made a loud humming/grinding noise during the end of the cycle.


I emptied the dishwasher of dishes, removed the filter basket near the drain pump (it was clean), started a new cycle with no dishes.  It continued to make that humming/grinding sound and wouldn't pull the water out.  Checked the lines to the sink and they were all clear


I used a shop vac to get the water out and then tried again to start the dishwasher, same results.  Followed the video on how to remove the drain pump and measured continuity and it was good.  Plugged back in the wire-harness and turned on the breaker (with the drain pump sitting out of the machine) and the impeller fired right up and spins fine, but is making that humming/grinding noise.


Other than ordering a new pump, anything to look at first?


Attached is a video of the pump running while outside of the dishwasher when i start the dishwasher.

MagicChef Microwave MCO 153UB broken door handle

16 July 2012 - 06:37 PM

Looking to replace this handle, but can't figure out how to get the handle off the door. Ours cracked at the top and even with very little pressure on the bottom when opening it, I'm sure it will break completely soon.

Is a there a repair guide or diagram available to help get the old one off and a new one installed?

GE Fridge Door Hinges-GBSL0HCXLLS

06 May 2011 - 05:42 PM

Rather than bore you with the details about my GE fridge purchased from Sears, I'll ask for assistance in locating a part number. Sears hasn't been able to find it for me to date (ordered fridge 3/30/2011, received 4/20/2011)

Purchased a GBSL0HCXLLS GE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator that was sold as having reversible doors. Current door swing (hinge location) is left side. We need it to have a right side door swing. The owners manual shows that the doors are reversible, but provides no part numbers for the hinges, as they are NOT interchangeable.

I've just discovered at RepairClinic, that there is another model GBSL0HCXRLS, which I'm guessing is the right side door swing.

Does anyone know the part numbers for the door hinges to make this current one a right side door swing?

I have the following part number for the freezer door right side hinge: WR13X10682 (CORRECT PART I NEED)

I have the following part number for the fridge door LEFT side hinge: WR13X10683 (WRONG PART I HAVE ON HAND, NEED A PART NUMBER FOR CORRECT PART, RIGHT SIDE FRIDGE DOOR HINGE)
(Attached image is left side fridge hinge in position above right side door position showing that it is in fact not reversible)
Attached File  110505_IMG_0258_untitled.jpg   125.47KB   11 downloads

Base board heating thermostat

05 February 2011 - 12:39 PM

We have an add-on room that is not part of the main central air system. There are two 220V (240V?) electric baseboard heaters. At the circuit box there is a regulator box (Type R841C10293, 240V 50-60 CY, Series 80 Thermostat Heater setting, 0.2 AMP). Those wires run to the wall thermostat in the room with the baseboards.

In the room with the baseboards, there is a digital thermostat on the wall with two small wires, white and red and there is 24V across those wires. Things don't seem 'right' in terms of regulating the room temp. I bought a Honeywell CT87K. Hooked up the R/W wires, set the system type DIP switches to 1/2 (Electric warm air, 9 CPH).

Does this seem correct? What I mean is, should the two heaters be controlled directly from a line voltage regulator/thermostat?

This is how the house was wired when we moved in.

110.28803890 Kemore Washer Dripping

29 January 2011 - 09:57 PM

After my fun weekend fixing my freezer (with some amazing help on the forums!), my washer decides it want's some of the attention (I didn't have anything else to this weekend :wallbash: )

After a load has completed it's cycle, clothes are pulled out, there is a very slow drip/leak as shown in the picture below.

It's nothing that happens all the time, and nothing that is disrupting the never ending supply of laundry, but hoping to trace it to the source and fix it as time allows. But when it does drip, it covers the bottom of the tub before it seems to stop.

Posted Image

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