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Member Since 21 Dec 2005
Offline Last Active Jul 31 2015 12:12 PM

Topics I've Started

Trane Condenser Unit - Compressor starts and quits

28 July 2015 - 08:53 PM

Hi Gang,


I have a 17 year old Trane 3.5 ton unit (model TTP042C100A4) that has developed a problem. The outside unit starts but the compressor eventually quits. I had my trusted advisor over who looked at the unit and said the coils were filthy, probably just overheated. Cleaned the coils, said everything else looked good. Well, the problem returned almost immediately so I went ahead and replaced the run capacitor and changed the start capacitor/relay - these have a factory hard start kit - with a 5-2-1 kit. The unit started with no problems so I buttoned it up and went about my business. Well, it's 80 degrees in my home again so I'm thinking that the thermal limiter is shot and either that will need to be replaced or bypassed (if there is such a way) or else I'll be in need of a new compressor or more likely a new unit.


Before I invest much more time and money, is there anything you can suggest in terms of things to check?


Here are symptoms:


Condenser fan runs

Compressor starts and eventually stops

Sometimes I can get it to restart, other times it takes quite a long while.

New capacitors (except fan run capacitor) and start relay.


Fan continues to run so avoiding the contactor at this point.




Maytag MGDC300XW2 Gas Dryer- Funky smell when running

19 June 2015 - 06:18 AM

Hi gang, been a while. I have the aforementioned Maytag gas dryer, 2013 model, that all of a sudden has an odor in the drum and the clothes have a horrible smell to them. I haven't had the unit apart yet but today's the day. Any helpful hints or suggestions as to where to focus my efforts? I wouldn't classify it as a raw gas smell but otherwise it's hard to explain.

Amana Washer model LW8363L2 Serial R9508048606 leaking

24 April 2013 - 06:08 PM

This old gal dumped a bunch of water in my laundry room this morning while washing a mattress pad. I pulled the cover off this afternoon and there's water standing in the top of the pump but everything else was just about dried up. Ran a quick cycle to make sure the hoses weren't split, found that when the tub is spinning with a considerable amount of water in it, it leaks below the tub where it is slung against the sides, so I think what has happened was the tub seal has gone bad and the heavy water-logged mattress pad exacerbated the situation and it leaks worse when loaded.


2 questions:

1. Does this sound right or am I way off base, and

2. How big a job is this to replace? I posted for a service manual in the appropriate forum and not sure how long it may take, if anyone even has one.


This unit is about 16 years old....

Kenmore refrigerator problem with ice dispenser model 106.58962702

15 December 2012 - 12:23 PM

Hi gang, long time since I've been here but in need of professional advice. Have a friend that has the aforementioned Kenmore fridge and the ice dispenser won't hold ice as the flapper door isn't doing the right thing.  I pulled it apart and it appears one of the formed jaws on the ice dispenser housing is broken and the flapper is just sitting there with no support. Tried servall city and the parts place this site supports and servall said to call Sears. Called them, they're telling me the 'housing' is part of the door, not sold separately, and is nearly $600 delivered. That's a lot of dough to repair a 4 year old fridge, thought I'd float it by the pros here to see if anyone has any suggestions. 


In this drawing, it's item number 1:  http://c.searspartsd...02004-00008.png


Any helpful hints or suggestions? Thanks in advance... 

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