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Whirlpool WED5540SQ: Replace felt along with drum rollers?

11 November 2014 - 04:24 PM

We've been having mysterious black marks on our clothes after washing and drying.  The mysterious part is that the black marks appeared more often on "corners" of clothing and sheets than in the "field" of the clothing/sheets.  Seems we've tracked the culprit down to the dryer and the groove that the drum rides in.  I confirmed my suspicions by sticking a corner of a folded up paper towel into the groove/gap that the dryer's drum moves in and then hand turning the drum letting the paper towel travel with the drum.  The result was a black mark *very* similar to what has been appearing on our washed items appeared.


The dryer is a Whirlpool WED5540SQ.  I have the part #587636 (Maintenance Kit) in the cart but I'm wondering whether I should also order part #2813247 (Felt Seal)?  Or, can I simply clean up the old felt seal some with a rag?


I haven't opened the dryer up yet.





ETA:  Well, I decided to go ahead and order the felt seal along with the maintenance kit.  Repair Clinic makes it easy to return it if I need to but something tells me it will be a good idea to replace the felt as I'm not sure I'd be able to clean the original felt good enough.  Plus, has the felt worn, also, allowing clothing articles to get into the groove along with worn rollers?  Any feedback is still appreciated, but parts are heading my way...and hopefully some brownie points (or maybe some glorified brownies!) from my wife!!!!! ;)

Glass-top stove circuit...existing wire?

14 January 2012 - 04:34 PM

Well, the push is on to get a stove. The wife wants a smooth top setup...we've had a gas for years but mama wants an electric and if mama's happy *I* am happy :).

Looking at the specs on several of these it looks like 40 amp circuits are called for but options are there for either 3 or 4 wire hookups. My house was built back around 1950 and has an existing 3-wire stove circuit.in place, The house had an electric stove in it before we moved in.

About 20 years ago we replaced the old glass and paper fuse box with a breaker box. There were two separate boxes and I can't remember if there were any breakers at all in one of them, I don't think there were, though. The stove circuit was retained and there is a 50 amp double breaker for it. The old 3-wire Leviton plug is rated at 50 amp.

I was thinking I would need to replace the wiring, that it was probably a 30 amp circuit. Once I took the panel off of the breaker box and looked, the wires seem larger than the wires in the 6/3 wiring that I purchased to replace it. Now I'm wondering if the circuit is indeed heavy enough to handle a new stove with it's 40 amp requirement. I've included a couple of images of the plug. Anybody want to take a look a wager a guess as to what gauge the wiring is? Whether it would rate as a 40 amp circuit? The wiring is old, I know, but.....???? It would save me a lot of trouble *and* $$$ if I could use the existing wire and go with a 3-wire hookup. But, I don't wanta burn the house down either!

Attached File  IMG_0472 (Small).JPG   42.91KB   10 downloads
Attached File  IMG_0466 (Small).JPG   38.87KB   9 downloads

Need flat-top stove recommendation...

12 November 2010 - 04:17 AM

I know not to attempt to acquire an appliance without the wiley wisdom of this group of folks, so...here I am again!!!  ;)

It is time to replace the old gassy stove that my wife loves to hate that we've had for the last 15 years.  I could probably go in a work on it and get it going reasonably well again but I opened my big trap and said we'd get a new one a while back, and well...there's no turning back now. :nono:   I gotta admit I haven't ever been really happy with this gas burner.

Anyhow, the beautiful lady that I married wants a flat-topped electric stove this go-round and that is fine with me.  There is already wiring for the stove (it was there when *I* chose a gas stove last time :uhyeah: ).  What I need is some recommendations on brand/models that are solid stoves *and* recommendations on what to stay away from.

In regards to the cook top we have some cast iron pans that we use at times, but mostly light-weight steel pans are the norm.   In the oven she does some baking off and on, I cook a turkey a couple of times a year.  The rest of the time is regular(?) stuff...roasts, baked chicken, casseroles, biscuits/bread, etc.,. 

The ease of clean-up is a compelling attraction for my wife (and me).  But, lots of gadgetry isn't appealing.   This website taught me that the simpler machines are the best...less to break down.  Oh yeah, I don't have Donald Trump's credit card limit either.  :shock:

So, without much more ado', I sure would appreciate it if someone could point me towards some models (or a specific one) that would be a good stove for us.  If there's more information you need from me just give me a holler and I'll tell ya what I can.

Thank you, Posted Image

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