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In Topic: Maytag Atlantis MAV 7550 AWW won't spin or agitate

28 October 2014 - 06:21 AM

New revised pump that you received is to be installed as you received it, they don't use the metal plate any more.  You should be fine now.

In Topic: Kenmore Elite washer 110 49962503

28 October 2014 - 06:15 AM

The WFW9400SZ02 looks like it should use the same MCU as the Kenmore model you are working on that needs MCU part# 8183196.


If you want to verify this do a search on model number WFW9400SZ on this site



There shows to be 6 versions of this washer, (00,01,02,03,04 & A10).  00-04 all show to take the same MCU and CCU and UI, on the A10 version the parts change - If you look up these versions on APP they don't show the MCU on the parts list for the 01,02,03 versions for some reason.

In Topic: JADE refrigerator RJRS4880D no power

28 October 2014 - 05:44 AM

I don't know any thing about JADE refrigerators, just going by my general knowledge and what I see on APP repair help.


Looks like the first, "Most Interesting Question", towards the bottom of the page has the answer to your question:



Yes both boards are located behind the upper panel. If you have displays on your controls you can turn power off and close both doors. Then turn power back on. The unit may be in showroom mode. To test each board to find out if it is sening proper supply, check the power supply board red to white and you sould have 120vac. Then you would test BLK/Rd and to Blk/Grn and should have 26vdc and BLK/wht to blk/grn and have 12VDC. You could also check on main control to the JP11 connector for the same values. You can also check on the Compressor PCB to see if it is getting 120vac across red to white. Check JP10 connection on main board for 12 vdc between pins 1 and 2. If all voltage to the Compressor board are correct but compressor is not getting voltage then it is a bad compressor board. If the power is coming to the supply board but nothing out then the supply board is bad.



I don't know if your power board looks like the one pictured on APP, but if it does it appears the input and output voltages and wiring is printed on top of the big black component on the board.

In Topic: GE Double Wall Oven JKP44GP2BG - F1 Code/Beep and Auto Shut Off

27 October 2014 - 06:04 AM

I didn't look up the part#, was just going on what you gave.


Looked it up this time to verify for you, it was the incorrect part#.  The number you just posted WB27K5047 is the correct one for your oven - it subs to part# WB27K5048.  Your control board is no longer available so a rebuild is the only option.


The only one on ebay: $299.95 (Midwest appliance parts, 6 month warranty - I don't know any thing about this company)

www.FixYourBoard.com has both the 48 and 47 part#'s listed as controls they repair but don't have a price for some reason, they have one of the best guarantees on their rebuilds, "We warranty our workmanship for 2 years on all our repairs".

www.CoreCentricSolutions.com - $129.99, 6 month warranty

and the best price, but another company I know nothing about:

www.TheRepairShack - $99.99, 6 month warranty


I don't think you will have to remove the oven from the wall to remove the control panel to remove the oven control board - at the most you would need to remove the screws that hold the oven into the wall and slide it out a few inches.  Then removing the screws above the oven door and on top of the console area should remove the control panel so you can remove the control board.

In Topic: Kenmore Elite washer 110 49962503

27 October 2014 - 05:12 AM

If you didn't read the model number yourself, (received it over the phone from the customer), then most likely it has been misread by whoever gave it to you.  110.49962503 doesn't come up just as Samurai originally told you.


Whould have been very easy for someone to read a 6 as a 5 if not looking closely enough.

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