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In Topic: Kenmore Elite Refrigerator model 10653606202 In Door Ice and Water Dispensers...

Yesterday, 07:03 AM

If everything quit working all at once then I really wouldn't expect it to be the broken switch mounts.


You never mentioned if the light in the dispenser area still works or not, (maybe already has been burnt out for some time so not noticed).


Looking at the owners manual it looks like your dispenser might have a lock control - that would be the first thing to check just to be sure it didn't get switched.  Also if the freezer light/door switch is bad it would think door is opened so nothing in the dispenser would work.  Another common area that would cause everything to quit at once would be a broken wire at the door hinge that runs power to the dispenser controls.

In Topic: Admiral Washer AAV7000AWW...what do I do NOW?

Yesterday, 06:23 AM

V E R Y    I M P O R T A N T ------- P L E A S E    R E A D ! ! !


I sure hope geosnooker2000 is still reading this discussion, hopefully one of the two following the topic.


If you have any kids or pets in the house, PLEASE put the front panel back on.  We wouldn't want to hear back from you that you lost a pet or kids-arm from the violently spinning transmission.

In Topic: Frigidaire Mod # KRS26R4AW6 Evap Fan Running with Freezer control off and FF...

08 July 2014 - 06:11 AM

On most of these Frigidaire SxS with mechanical freezer and refrig cold controls they will work like you are seeing.


If the freezer gets warmer then set point the compressor and evaporator fan come on until the freezer reaches set point.  If the refrig is warmer then its set point then the damper will open and the evaporator fan will come on to move the cold freezer air into the refrig - the compressor doesn't have to be on since the cold air moving thru the damper from the freezer into the refrig should be enough to bring refrig back to temp set point.  If it takes too much air movement to bring the refrig back to the set point then the warmer refrig air circulating back into the freezer will then cause the compressor to start up to get the freezer back down to the correct temp - if refrig side reaches it's set point before freezer is back down to set point then damper closes to stop the air flow into the refrig side.

In Topic: Samsung Elec. Dryer Mod# DV231AGW/XAA keeps stopping

08 July 2014 - 05:52 AM

Samurai,  Do you by any chance have the actually service bulletin that you quoted that info from?


I would like to see or know the date that service bulletin was issued.


Also, for anyone who does Samsung warranty work, Is there a database or place you can find out with the above model/serial number if this machine was ever worked on under warranty and what was done if you can get that info?


The current owner of this dryer has only had it a little more than a year, they got it from someone who works at Sears, it was a return, (possible for this same problem that no one could figure out - maybe before the bulletin was issued?), It was either given to them for free or a very small cost.


Thanks for the help,

In Topic: Samsung Elec. Dryer Mod# DV231AGW/XAA keeps stopping

07 July 2014 - 07:55 AM

Thanks, I was going to say this isn't a gas dryer so the above maybe doesn't pertain to my situation - then remember/realized that it is in-fact a GAS dryer.

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