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In Topic: Whirlpool Duet Sport Error Code F33 (WFW8300SW00)

Yesterday, 06:31 AM

If it hasn't damaged anything else it might be worth while to just purchase a new counterweight.  That would be much cheaper then purchasing a new machine!

In Topic: Whirlpool Duet Sport Error Code F33 (WFW8300SW00)

20 August 2014 - 06:13 AM

F33 error is either bad pump or broken wire to pump or could be bad ccu, (the ccu is the least likely problem).


My first suspect would be to look for a cut wire to the pump, (it appears parts of that counter weight is missing and when it broke apart those pieces could have easily cut a wire somewhere).


Instead of just assuming that is was the pump you should have first check for voltage to the pump and check the ohms of the old pump.   You could also make a test/cheater cord my taking an old lamp cord and putting a couple spade connectors on the end and plug that directly into pump to eliminate the pump being the problem.


If you are not getting 120 Vac at the pump when it should be draining you need to find the wire connector for the pump up at the ccu and take a volt reading directly at the board.  If you have 120 Vac at the board connection but not at the pump then you know you have a cut pump wire.

In Topic: timer rebuild for roper red4640yq1

16 August 2014 - 05:24 AM

Scott, I'm pretty sure Hodor didn't take the timer apart, just removed the motor from the timer.


The CAT took care of taking the timer apart by pushing it onto the floor to clear his/her personal space that someone was infringing upon!

In Topic: Maytag microwave MMV4205AAQ Loud noise, smells like burning when mag is on.

15 August 2014 - 07:13 AM

The smell depending on what it smells like could be the mag tube but the loud vibration noise and smell could also just be a shorted high voltage diode.


I think it's crazy to not check and see if it's just a simple $10 or less diode if this person is doing the repairs themselves.


If having to call a repair company, that's a complete different story.


Myself, I can't every remember ever seeing a bad high-voltage capacitor in a microwave cause a burning smell or the loud vibration noises - almost always a shorted diode or mag tube.

In Topic: Amana Ref. 3-door Bottom Freezer / Model# AFI2538AES / Serial# 1308****NP

12 August 2014 - 07:13 AM

ncc1701e, do you still have the old original bad board around or has it already been sent in for core charges?


What part number was on the original board if you still have it? (Here are a few old numbers that sub to the W10301240 board that you might find on your old board 12920721, W10162662, W10213583 and the most likely one - it is shown as the original part for revision 13 - W10164422)


Only the no revision and 00 revision show to use the 12920710 board, all the other revision 3-13 except for rev#7 take the W10310240. 


Revision #7 takes even a third different board - every board is almost identical, must likely just software differences and all have different prices!

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