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In Topic: Maytag DG7600 Gas Dryer Does Not Heat

Today, 06:04 AM

Take a look at the front of the burner, I've seen the baffle at the front of the burner rust out and fall off before.


You say you smell gas, so the ignitor, flame sensor and coils have to be working or no gas would come out to smell gas.  If the baffle on the front end of the burner is gone, gas has a straight shot down and out burner tube, no turbulence to bounce gas back to the ignitor that sits to the side of the gas flow so gas doesn't hit hot surface of ignitor to light off then gas shuts off when flame sensor resets because of no ignition then repeats process.


Also check to make sure you don't have any kind of obstructions in the burner tube itself, like spider nest or other insects.


Here's what the burner should look like:

Part number: 33002793

Part number: 33002793

In Topic: Kenmore washer 110.29522801 loud wash cycle

Yesterday, 07:41 AM

Micabay, thanks for that info.


I've often said that I thought these transmission could be ran without oil for quite some time before you would have any problem.


People see that oil on the floor or input seal leaking badly, I say just replace the seal and don't worry about the oil level if you're not wanting to spend the money on a new transmission or take the time to open it up, (very doubtful that all the oil has leaked out and with just a 1/4 to 1/2 full left it should still sling around in the case and keep everything oiled pretty well). 


It looks like your test has proved my theory to be pretty much correct, thanks.

In Topic: frigidaire GLTF2940ESO washer won't enter diagnostic mode

Yesterday, 07:32 AM

I've seen this exact same thing before, bad main board if the user interface lock isn't actually locked.

In Topic: GE ESS25XGMC is warm

22 July 2014 - 07:23 AM

From the temps you state, things don't seem to be cool!!  or more like NOT cool enough!!!!


40 degrees in the freezer is far from being OK - should be no more then 10 degrees at warmest when in a defrost (should really be between -5 and 5 to really be working correctly).

And refrig section should be under 40 degrees, (optimum refrig temp 35-38 degrees never warmer then 45 degrees).



If you left it overnight with the evaporator cover off so that you could see the coils when you got home, then things might be OK with the panel in place - it won't cool correctly in the refrig at all without the evaporator panel cover installed.

In Topic: Maytag SE1000 stacked washer and dryer-motor runs-no agitate

22 July 2014 - 07:07 AM

If it is the mounting ste and boot seal that is needed they are both available still. Great machine.


It's more then the just the mounting stem and boot seal kit, the agitator shaft seems to be frozen/gummed-up in the top of transmission housing, (usually caused by a slightly leaking agitator shaft seal in the top of the mounting stem & boot seal kit.


The issue is the transmission parts being available - I'm pretty sure  they do have a complete replacement, (orbital style), transmission that would come with a new agitator and the stem and boot seal.  It would be kind of expensive but for this machine it would be totally worth it as the quality of the machine is much better then anything you can purchase now days.


Did some looking and it appears the kit to change from the old style to the newer orbital style that comes with the new design agitator for the new stroke profile of the orbital transmission maybe is no longer available:

Part number: 22002227

Part number: 22002227


But the orbital transmission and boot stem seal kit for the models that already had the orbital transmission is still available - you would also have to order the newer style agitator that would be on the newer revision of the machine.

Part number: 6-2097750

Part number: 6-2097750

Agitator and agitator hold down screw Part number: 207538

Part number: 207538

Lint filter Part number: Y207427

Part number: Y207427

Softner dispenser cup Part number: 215733

Part number: 215733

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