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Topics I've Started

KitchenAid Built-in Combo Oven/Microwave KEMS378YWH0

25 December 2014 - 09:07 AM

Need the below listed tech sheet and the user manual for the microwave if available.


This is an Electric built-in wall oven, lower oven has convection and upper microwave also has convection.  Customer says it is giving the error "Fail 4" on the microwave when trying to convection heat in microwave and says microwave not heating but no error code.


I haven't seen it yet and don't recall ever seeing any that actually says "Fail" for an error.


The only user manual I can find is for the operation of the oven but nothing on the microwave.


Mod# KEMS378YWH0
Ser# XC1401465 (Apr 1993)
3184524 Tech Sheet
3180511 Microwave User Manual


Thanks for any help you can give,

Whirlpool GWS Dishwasher GU3600XTVQ1 pump hose slipped off sump

04 December 2014 - 07:42 AM

Whirlpool Dishwasher (GWS Style)

Mod# GU3600XTVQ1

Ser# FY3401292 (Manufactured 8/2009 - must be one of the first of these out, I thought they started in 2010).


Main pump hose, (has those funky machine squeezed clamps), slipped off sump connection.  I replaced with good real hose clamp, one month later it has slipped off again.


I did extensive searching in here because I thought I had read an earlier account of someone else having this problem and some kind of recall on this but the only thing I could find was this tech bulletin W10547922




Samurai posted the above after I asked more about it when it was discussed in another thread but it only purtains to a few models/stainless units manufactured in 2012 and only references a $8-$12 single hose clamp, basically what I already tried.


I looked up the hoses/clamps for this unit and it comes back as an expensive kit with both inlet/outlet pump hoses, new rubber rear motor mount and 5 really good hose clamps - it appears you would use two of the clamps on the end of the hose that slips off the sump.


Here is the new hose and clamp kit:

Part number: W10168824

Part number: W10168824



Anyone have access to Service Matters to see if this kit has an instruction sheet that comes with it and/or know of any tech bulletins purtaining to this problem in the early models of the GWS dishwashers?


Is this going to fix the problem of the hose slipping off and flooding the kitchen?

LG Dryer Mod# DLG2302W won't power on - no display - nothing

25 September 2014 - 07:27 AM

LG Dryer

Mod# DLG2302W

Ser# 908KWUC00166 (Aug.2009)


Problem described as: Worked fine with a load the day before, tried to do another load the next day and dryer won't power on.


I have the service manual from downloads but it seems to be totally lacking in any ways to test if the user interface is getting voltage input or not.


I have 110 volts coming into the main board but with the way the board is all incased in rubberized epoxy there is no way to get to the transformer leads to see if the transformer is getting the 110 volts or to get to the secondary side to see if it is outputing the 24.5 volts or to even check if either winding is open on the transformer.


The wiring diagram compared to the actual wiring is also somewhat confusing as it shows BL2 neutral connection going to both pins 1 & 2 but the actual wiring BL2 is a three pin connector with neutral only going to one of the pins.  Checking for 110 volts from L1 Black wire at the BLACK TAB RELAY to BL2-1 which is the white neutral wire I get 110 VAC also to BL2-3 I get 110VAC but not from L1 to BL2-2, (So must be connected on board rather then the actual harness wiring?). 


It also shows the neutral side of the transformer going thru a relay so it would appear at OFF/Standby the transformer wouldn't be powered up to output the secondary low voltage.  So where would the low voltage come from to activate the relay to send 110 volts to the transformer, (the user interface has no low voltage transformer so maybe the relay that engages the transformer is a 110VAC relay and 110VAC is going to the userinterface and when POWER/ON is pushed it engages the transformer relay to turn the userinterface on with the low 24 volts)?  So this brings me back to - is it a bad main control board or a bad userinterface board?


The service manual basically says to check for the incoming 110 volts and if it won't power up replace main control board and that is what I'm left with from what I'm seeing in the service manual.


I don't have much experience with LG yet so just need any input that you guys can give me regarding this - It has to be the main control board or the user interface!

Kitchen-Aid D/W Mod# KUDS301XSS7

12 September 2014 - 07:49 AM

Kitchen-Aid D/W

Mod# KUDS301XSS7

Ser# F22711158


Only two years old and chopper blade was sheared off - different chopper than I have every seen in any Whirpool built Voyager model dishwasher.  It sheared off becuase of the junk that is put in the dishwasher, no surprise there.


Calls for and is a four blade chopper part# Part number: W10083957

Part number: W10083957

- I've never ran across a four blade chopper and only stock the standard two blade chopper part# 8268383 which is completely the same but only two blades instead of four - installed it and it works fine.


I've seen the two blade choppers strip out the keyed area on the shaft that runs the blade but I can't recall ever seeing a two blade chopper shear the shaft off - found in parts sites repair help where others have had the four blade chopper shear off also.


Anyone else see this and/or swap the two blade in place of the four blade choppers?


Any feedback would be appreciated,

Whirlpool All-Refrig Mod# EL7ATRRKS01 - looking for defrost timer specs

12 September 2014 - 07:37 AM

Whirlpool All-Refrig


Ser# EWM1322731


The current defrost timer this calls for is 3-81329, the only thing I have been able to find is that it is a 12 hour timer, need to know how many minutes of defrost time.


Searched prior part numbers that all sub to this current part and still could find the defrost minutes, also none of the part numbers are listed on a parts list for a Supco electronic defrost timer that you can set the run and defrost times for.


Here are the prior part# if it would help anyone tell me how many minutes defrost time.

4357124, 68001115, 14220685, R9800559


In the Supco electronic defrost timer list that specs all diffrent brand part numbers and there defrost times the 12 hour defrost timers listed have defrost time of 10, 17, 20, 21, 23, 25, 30, 32, 33, 35 minutes.


I haven't worked on hardly any all refrigerators so have no idea what kind of defrost minutes would be normal - I would suspect you wouldn't need as long of a defrost as in a standard refrig since it would always be shutting down at above freezing and during the off cycle the frost would be partially melting from the evaporator like in a cycle defrost, so I would think the frost would never build up like it would in a regular refrig/freezer combo.


I have to go out on this tommorow afternoon and I stock plenty of the standard timers like a 12 hour run, 21 minute defrost that I plan on using if I can't get the answer then ordering and replacing with the correct one later if I can't find out what the actual defrost minutes should be.


Thanks for any help that can be provided,

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