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Member Since 02 May 2005
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In Topic: New to me LG Gas dryer with failed duct blockage tests

02 November 2012 - 07:10 PM

Well good news. My wife ran the first three loads yesterday, and the dryer performed flawlessly. We will see how it does in the future, but perhaps its fixed. That's crazy lucky of my to find/jump at that craig's list deal. Fan-freaking-tastic. A super big thanks to John63 and Kdog. Awesome work.

In Topic: New to me LG Gas dryer with failed duct blockage tests

31 October 2012 - 08:39 PM

A bit of an update. My wife was talking about our "as of yet untested" new dryer and found that two of her friends had new LG dryers. She described the error message and they both said that their LG dryers do the same thing. So, now my gamble is looking a little better. They both said that they just hit the button and restart the cycle. Pretty sad that a dryer that expensive seems to have such a pervasive issue, that appears simple to fix. My wife told them that adjusting the rear feet a bit higher might fix their problem. She is to do laundry tomorrow. We'll see how it works out.

In Topic: New to me LG Gas dryer with failed duct blockage tests

29 October 2012 - 08:45 AM

Oh, and back on the original topic. The most intriguing thing..... when I was at the back of my new LG dryer, and I was dremeling the hole in the back, I found that the rear feet were screwed in ALL THE WAY !

I turned them out about 1". I did not adjust the front feet. I figure that they can easily be adjusted with the unit in place. So... perhaps the dryer might be slinging error codes due to clothes having tumbled and collected at the back of the dryer with mal-adjusted feel. If this is the case, it would be awesome. But help me understand...

If the rear was too low, the clothes collect at the back and do not hit the moisture sensors.... Wouldn't the dryer think that the clothes were then "too dry" and drop the heat, or does it add heat for some reason at that point.

I am still really dissappointed that this dryer does not measure the pressure. How expensive could that really be ? To "infer" that there must be a duct blockage seems pretty shady logic to me.

In Topic: New to me LG Gas dryer with failed duct blockage tests

29 October 2012 - 08:39 AM

The above pic shows the re-oriented dryer ductwork inlet.

So, I popped out the covers on the back of the dryer and removed the tube that was the original centerline outlet. I made sure no wires were behind the area that I needed to cut, then I measured and then dremeled a 4" hole in the sheetmetal at the back of the dryer. I cut off both ends of the original tube to re-use them and built a new internal tube to run to the rear left corner of my dryer. It has two 45° angles. I then installed the "new" dryer in the old spot. The flex hose is nearly compressed solid in the new config and runs straight with no turns.

I built a computer model of the dryer ductwork this morning at work. Took about 10 minutes and is easier to tell what I did.Attached File  Dryer ductwork.jpg   50.84KB   12 downloads

In Topic: New to me LG Gas dryer with failed duct blockage tests

29 October 2012 - 08:12 AM

SO yesterday was a big day at my place. I drug out the old machine and used a lint eater cleaning system to clean out my ductwork. It was also an easy way to measure its length. I broke the system apart upstairs and rodded it out with the brush and drill. It took six fiberglass rods (each 3' in length) to get to the dryer connection. Its another 3 to the roof from that same spot, so total length of duct (all rigid metal) is 9x3= 27'. There are 2 90° turns, and two 45° turns in it. All of them are widely spaced with at least 3' between them. I took a pic of the lint that I harvested from the ductwork. You can see where the original construction has the ductwork emerging at the rear left corner of the dryer, an unfortunate spot. I then cut the sheetrock, and was able to turn in the connection at the wall so that it ran towards the dryer centerline.

Here is a pic of the lint. The lint was evenly distributed and I would think barely cut down on flow at all. Nothing close to blocking the 4" dia line anywhere.

Oddly, the real flexible ducting that originally made 3 back-to-back tight turns had very little accumulation in it.

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