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Member Since 02 May 2005
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New to me LG Gas dryer with failed duct blockage tests

18 October 2012 - 10:02 PM

I have a faithful wife and a very faithful Kenmore Gas Dryer that have both stood by me for 20 years. Now, my wife is lusting for the charms of a new dryer. The feau woodgrain top on the old dryer is no longer enough to keep her transfixed by its steady drying. She has her eyes on a newer model. Perhaps and LG or a Samsung....

So, today I spied a unit on Craigslist. Its an LG Gas DRYER, model DLGX5102W. It was purportedly bought in March of this year for around $1,200. It never functioned just right and service folk were called in repeatedly. After several unsucessfulrepair attempts, he shamed them into giving him a new unit, and the defective one was abandoned at his place. Since it had brought shame to his family, he listed it on Craigslist for the meager sum of $150, so that the most foolhardy could step forth and pick up the gaunlet. I have done so.

The symptoms are as follows:
When the previous owner runs the FLOW SENSE DUCT BLOCKAGE SENSING TEST, it fails. Even with no ductwork attached to the dryer. He said that he can run a load, in fact a couple of loads in a row as normal, but on the third repeated load or so, it will shut down, apparently to keep from burning down his dojo. His new unit has no such issues with his house's ductwork. He can sucessfully run single loads without issue.

He told me that the repair folks who had previously attempted its repair had checked or replaced the motherboard, the gas valve, and a thermistor. The previous owner was not very technical, but he did know a lot about the dryer settings and usage. I know that with the help of the Appliance Samurai, I can overcome this test and show my wife that I have not bought a pile of magic beans.

I have been a member since 2005. I am a mechanical engineer, not an appliance repair tech, but I have a lot of sucessful repairs under my belt. I have fixed my washmachine once, my dryer once, my Amana refrigerator about 3 times, I replaced the motor on my GE dishwasher, I have fixed my home a/c about 10 times in the last 20 years, including start and run capacitors, burned contactor, condenser fan motor, and my furnace a few times, just 2 months ago the fan control board of my air handler. I really like the satisfaction of fixing stuff. I saved $1,000 by buying an electric oven on eBay, and consequently spent a month diagnosing and repairing a bad door lock motor on that thing. Looking back, its all good. Frustrating for my wife, but I know in the end, she will get new, super cool looking appliances with more buttons. That's what its all really about, isn't it ?

Where to start.... ?

Richard in Sugar land, TX.

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