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#236175 Dead GE Advantium Microwave Solution, Thermal Cutoff Fuse

Posted by binthere222 on 14 July 2012 - 03:17 PM

In my case, I have found the easy solution to the numerous "Dead Advantium" posts I have seen. This seems to occur with amazing frequency, when power is available, but nothing comes on at all. GE sure doesn't make it cheap to fix and it seems that ALOT of excess work is done when all it takes is the replacement of one little item.

It was an easy fix to remove the control panel and then the Thermal cutout fuse shown. Once replaced, All the lights came on and it started to work again, No problem.

The Thermal Cutout Fuse is heated by air exhausted from the cooking chamber of the oven. If there is a food fire or other other overheat condition, this fuse is supposed to temporarily open, Thereby bringing all operation of the oven to a DEAD STOP. Emphasis on the DEAD, i.e. electrically dead. Problem is, these little fuses are poorly designed/constructed such that they will remain open when they are supposed to close as the oven cools off.


1. There are two screws pointed straight down above the upper grill. Remove those with a phillips screwdriver, then pull the grill off.
2, One stainless screw is now revealed above the center of the control panel. Remove it and then slide the panel up 1/2 inch by pushing/tapping up from the bottom of the control panel then lift it out.
3. There will be less stress on both you and the equipment if you just remove all wiring harness plugs from the rear of the control panel.
4. You will then be able to see the offending cutoff fuse secured by one screw to the floor of the controls cabinet just behind where the control panel sits. Test across the two terminals. If you get no continuity or anything more than ZERO ohms, then replace the part because it is not providing a closed circuit EVEN THOUGH THERE IS NO HEAT CONDITION PRESENT.
5. Remove the two white plastic insulated spade plug connectors, then the one screw and lift the part out.

Attached File  LongLow.jpg   120.46KB   16 downloads This Shows the General Location of the Fuse at the bottom center after the control panel is removed
Attached File  CloseupLow.jpg   77.73KB   14 downloads This shows a closer view of the Fuse
Attached File  FusebottomLow.jpg   69.99KB   12 downloads This is a view of the aluminum bottom of the fuse
Attached File  InsidesLow.jpg   50.58KB   21 downloads When the fusebottom is removed the mechanism is revealed. The small purple stick is made of a ceramic or plastic which expands slightly when heated. One end of the stick touches the aluminum, the other end pushes against a flexible brass strip (at the small dimple in the center). This causes two contact points to separate, thereby opening the circuit. The contact points appear to be oxidized from the presence of heat, DUH !!! and dampness from cooking food.

#222084 GE Profile Advantium Microwave SCA2001 won't heat etc.

Posted by binthere222 on 28 January 2012 - 05:35 PM

I have noticed alot of message traffic on various sites about the Advantium Microwaves failing to heat not long after the warranty expires.

There is little guidance on the problem and it's solution.

1. This is a Microwave designed by attorneys, lots of attorneys. :wc: Even the software in the recipes gives you legalese pronouncements such as, "plate is hot" or "only use authorized plate".
Too bad they couldn't put diagnostic messages in like "door switch error, buy one for $5".

2. Since there is an overabundance of protection in the system, there are actually THREE door switches.

3. It appears that the upper door switch is exposed to unshielded emissions from the microwave horn and is prone to burn out over time (just after the warranty expires usually).

4. The first picture is a view into the cabinet behind the control panel. The upper door safety switch is visiblly burned and the tang insulator is even blackened. To get inside the cabinet a. Unplug the unit at the wall socket, b.remove two screws from the top of the black plastic louvers at the top of the cabinet (you may have to open any cabinet doors above the unit) then remove the black plastic louver. c. remove the single stainless steel screw revealed at the top of the controlo panel, then tilt out the top of the panel and pull out the two plastic tabs at the bottom of the panel which fit into two slots.

5. Examine the safety switches and connectors for signs of burning.

6. If no visible burning, Remove the switches and check them for continuity with an ohmmeter. The switches should be closed when the button is pushed.

7. Use the part number molded into the side of the switch body to order a replacement or see the parts listing linked to this site.

Attached File  CabinetViewb.jpg   97.57KB   13 downloads

#222076 How to Defeat ALL PC Computer Cooties

Posted by binthere222 on 28 January 2012 - 04:52 PM

This message regards computers that are physically ok but have various combinations of poor confuguration or trash buildup or viruses or trojans and other malware.

I am one of those persons who gets phoncalls all the time from friends asking me to come over for "a cup of coffee" or "free food" but what they really mean is "fix my computer because it is running slow and jamming or breaking down into blue screen mode constantly".

I AM NOT affiliated with either of the two products I will mention.

Many Many computers are trashed simply because they have had a buildup of crud etc.

Many products are now sold for cleanup and virus protection which are worthless.
I have applied the following two products to literally hundreds of PCs ,AFTER other protective/fixup software has been used, and these two have promptly found/fixed HUGE problems that the other (expensive) stuff has missed.

This is THE MOST VALUABLE advice I could give on any message board for people to keep their PCs in top shape. AND I have NEVER had a computer infected or overloaded after the following two have been installed.

1. "System Mechanic with Antivirus" by iolo technologies http://www.iolo.com/ This program hacks out all the trash and tunes up thousands of parameters in the complex windoes system. It also has a point and click driver update function for all equipment on your pc.

Download the fully functional 30 day trial
run the scans
turn on the watchdogs
set it up to rescan at least once a week.

You are halfway there.

2. "Spyware Doctor" by pc tools http://www.pctools.c...ctor/index/d/4/ THE MOST COMPLETE solution to any attack on your PC.

Download and run the FREE SCAN
See all the diseases that your PC has (and the other programs missed)
The free download will fix some stuff and give some protection.

After seeing the trials you will WANT TO buy the full versions.

You will be amazed at how much faster everything runs and how you will have no more breakdowns.

Hope this helps.

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