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In Topic: Microwave turntable turns when door is opened

16 March 2013 - 08:18 AM

Thank you very much! I appreciate the support from you! :imnotworthy:

In Topic: Microwave turntable turns when door is opened

13 March 2013 - 09:08 PM

Okay guys, some news....I have fixed it! It works just like when it was new. I want to thank you for all your help.

What I did was cut the old connector off, crimped the new connectors onto the wire pairs, plugged them onto

the switch, and mounted the switch back into it's original location. re-attached the switch block, adjusted it

for proper door closure, put the cover back on, and did a test on reheating the wife's coffee. PERFECT!

She is as happy as I am. Thank you for bearing with me on this. I apologize for taking so long, but I also had to

wait for the switch to be delivered. I ask a lot of questions because I want to do it right the first time, not have

to do it three or four times before it's fixed. It's like when I used to train operators how to setup & run 4 & 5 axis

horizontal machining centers. I told them to not hold back on asking questions because the stupid questions are

the ones that aren't asked.


Thank you all again for your help and support.


In Topic: Microwave turntable turns when door is opened

11 March 2013 - 07:48 PM

Doesn't matter as long as it's a Normally Open switch, Mr. Dave. You're very close to becoming a hero...don't fail us now...

Now see, this is one of the things that I was not aware of. I was under the impression that if you don't order the exact part,

then things might not work quite right. I know this applies to a lot of different types of parts that actually require the exact

replacement. With a part such as this, as long as it's normally open, then no problem. And I completely understand this. It's

an electrical component, and there can be a lot of different switches with different numbers on them, but they will all work

the same way. Now that I know this, all is good. The switch I ordered is a normally open switch. Thank you for the reply.

I think I have some butt splice connectors and the push-on connectors in my garage tool box. I just need to see if I have

a crimp tool. If not, Radio shack here I come.

Joy is near!



In Topic: Microwave turntable turns when door is opened

10 March 2013 - 04:27 PM

Okay, I understand now that I read again about the butt connectors. I mis-read it the first time (beer fog). I agree that's the method that should

be used to splice into the wiring. I really didn't want to use wire nuts.


While I am waiting for the switch I ordered to arrive, (it should be here by Wednesday) I have a question about it. The number on the original

burnt-out switch is: V-15G-3C25. The number on the switch I ordered is: D3V-16G-1C25. Will the new one work the way the old one did? Did

I order the wrong switch? Or am I worrying for nothing? The new switch was in one of the links to Repair Clinic that was posted in this thread.

I just want to fix the stupid thing and have it working properly again.



In Topic: Microwave turntable turns when door is opened

05 March 2013 - 10:02 PM

Order the switch. Take it to radio shack and match the connector size to the terminals on the switch. Also purchase red ir blue butt connectors to splice wires and a crimp tool. Change wire to wire on the new switch. Now you will be done.


Okay, I can do that. now what is the best way to splice in to the wire harness? and do I put shrink tubing on the connectors?

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