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In Topic: Rotozip... basically useless POS

30 December 2012 - 09:48 PM

Old topic. The Roto-Zip is probably an over-rated tool...because the advertizing suggests it is a sort of "do it all" routing/cutting

tool. It isn't, but I've found it good for a couple of tasks: 1) cutting electrical box openings in sheetrock; and, 2) routing out grout

and cutting openings in tiled walls when doing plumbing repairs. You need to use the correct bits (spiral for cutting box openings

in sheetrock, and carbide for the tile work). You also need to move the tool in the correct direction (opposite to the bit rotation) to

control the tool while cutting an opening). Forget about using it for cutting plywood, metal, formica, etc., as such cuts will be sloppy

and there are better tools for those applications...e.g. jig saws,trim saws, and mini-routers (I like Bosch and Porter-Cable).

In Topic: New way to connect wires

05 October 2009 - 01:02 PM

These are actually pretty good substitutes for "wire nuts," with two caveats: 1) they take up more volume; and, 2) they can't be easily disconnected, i.e., you should consider them "permanent," unlike wire nuts that can be unscrewed. I use them mostly in running cable through a series (actually it's a parallel circuit) of recessed ceiling lamps. The bulkier nature of these connectors is actually compensated by the fact that you don't need to run a "pigtail."

The only question I have regards the "ampacity" of the copper clips in this device. It may not be beefy enough to handle high loads...but I don't worry about that for lighting circuits. 

In Topic: Sealed System Sweep Charging

30 July 2009 - 07:17 PM

[user=20474]Alfred[/user] wrote:

It's interesting to note that every time the space shuttle lifts off, several hundred thousand pounds of Ammonium perchlorate are released into the atmosphere; each booster contains 1.1 million pounds of propellant.  The government doesn't seem too concerned about this fact....

As some of you have said, I still prefer a good two stage pump, and when you think about it, with all you must bring in, (scales or charging cylinder, torch set, tool set, filter-drier, compound gauge set....) the trade off between a cumbersome "reclaim bag" (which, of course must be reclaimed itself :? at some point) and a small vac pump & tank isn't a big deal to me.  Those bags don't last forever and they ain't cheap, either....

Re the space shuttle....Yeah, that and all the tons of "greenhouse" gases released by the tousands of jets that take off from airports across the nation  and throughout the world daily...

Couldn't agree more about reclaim bags. My main complaint about these gas bags is their volume. A good vac pump and reclaim cylinder weigh more but contain a lot of refigerent an a lot less volume.

In Topic: Sealed System Sweep Charging

21 July 2009 - 08:36 PM

Good questions, kdog!

But those are the EPA rules.

R12 and other Chlorine containing hyrdocarbon refrigerants (e.g."CFC's") are deemed to be ozone depleting and hence enviromental hazards. R12 is the prototype "bad boy." R22 is considered alsmost as bad, and is subject to a phase out plan. 

Fluorine  is considered less damaging to the ozone layer than chlorine, and flourinated hydrocarbons (HFCs) like R134a are considered "less" ozone depleting. You can syill buy them over the counter without an EPA license in most States, but there is a move to ban even these refrigerants.

The EPA actually prohibits venting HFCs as well as CFCs. They are silent about venting pure hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerents, like isopropane.

Though rarely enforced, the EP can levy huge Draconian penalties on folks who vent refrigerants into the air.

As regards the "safety" of R12 versus R134a, the later is more biologically harmful than the former. R12 has few significant adverse medical effects, aside from the fact that you can be asphyxiated  if you are in an environment where it displaces so much oxygen that you can't get enough oxygen to breathe...

If you breathe R134a it gets absorbed through your lungs, gets into the bloodstream, and is very cardiotoxic. It can promote cardiac arrhythmias, which is why medical personnel are warned not to use epinephrine in cases of R134a exposure and cardiac arrest. But who cares about the life of some poor HVAC tech or other human being exposed to R134a? What is that compared to protecting the world from R12 induced ozone depletion?

I won't even mention the fact that R12, in terms of its thermodynamic and practical mechanical engineering properties is a much better refrigerant than R134a. :P

In Topic: The Ten Commandments of Working With Householde Power

21 July 2009 - 08:02 PM


Quoteth thou from the Scripture regarding the Commandments handed down to the Elekrotrolytes? What sayeth yee of the Admonitions of the Preacher Elekroviticus?

To whit:

--Mingle not the waters of the Earth and and the Heavenly Fyres of Elecktrik, for it is an Abomination in the sight of the Lord, and you will surely be damned, suffer Elektrokution, or at least experience a major Kontraption Failure.

--Touch not Elektrik Fyre with thy bare body parts, for it is Holy and thou art Impure Biologic Stuff, made mostly of water, which will conduct the Elektric Fyre to the Impure Earth when thou standeth upon it, especially in a Puddle of Water. Thy Heart will be Smitten and thou will surely dye. If thou must touch the Holy Fyre, thou must use Proper Instruments and Teknike, or thou will surely Dye.

--Mingle not directly the Neutral and the Hot Wyres, for this is a Short  Cirkut, and is an Abomination. It will Blow thy Fuses, Destroy thy Kontraptions, and burn down thy House, and thou will gain an Ignominious Reputation in the sight of the Lord and thy Neighbors, For Ever and Ever.

--Remember thou that the Neutral Wyre and the Grounding Wyre are different in the Sight of the Lord, especially in the matter of Maine and Subpanel Wyres. All know this not, for it is a Sekret Truth revealed to those who walk in the Enlightened Path of the Samurai.  :)





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