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Topics I've Started

Maytag Dependable Care Dryer -- noisy and longer drying times

12 February 2013 - 01:52 PM


I've got an older (~13 years, maybe?) Maytag Dependable Care dryer (MDG9316AWW) with a couple of issues:

  1. It's taking between 1.5 and 2 hours to dry a load, whereas previously around an hour would be enough. This started rather suddenly a couple of months ago now.
  2. It's been noisy for a long time...no screeching, just...well...loud!

Here's what I've done so far:

  1. Cleaned out the dryer vent duct and the entire insides of the dryer. It feels like there's good air flow at the rear of the dryer and the duct outlet (~20 feet of ducting).
  2. Replaced the belt
  3. Replaced one of the two rear drum rollers, as it was loose and noisy on its shaft
  4. Replaced the front shroud and both front tub bearings (they had worn through and damaged the shroud underneath)
  5. Tested the air temperature at the rear of the dryer. It cycles between roughly 135 and 157.
  6. Listened to the gas solenoids cycling regularly and watched the pretty blue flame :)

So even after all this, it's still slow to dry and noisy (although not as loud as before)

Is the next step to replace the fan blower? It feels solid on the shaft, but I'm no expert! I really don't know if the loudness is the 'rumbling' that's described as the characteristic of the slipping fan blower or not. Any other suggestions?



Thanks very much!


Amana BBI20TE Refrigerator Evaporator Fan Issue

08 August 2012 - 07:05 PM

Hey all,

I seem to have an issue with my Amana refrigerator evaporator fan. The original fan would struggle to start, or just completely not work. At first I thought it was a bad connector because the wires and plug were fairly corroded. There was the correct 120VAC being applied to the fan. I ordered a replacement fan and plugged it in and....nothing. The wires still had 120VAC when I turned on the freezer control, but as soon as I plugged in the wires to the motor, the voltage dropped to zero and the motor didn't even twitch.

I tested both the old and the new motor by plugging them directly in to the wall and both ran fine. So which part do I test/replace now? I looked through the parts list on repairclinic.com and either didn't notice any power supplies or missed it, or it's called something else that I'm not familiar with.

The freezer is still getting cold air...it's just the evaporator fan that seems to be the issue.

Make: Amana
Model #: BBI20TE
Mfg #: P1199101WE

Any ideas?


Maytag LAT9406AAE washer Agitator Shaft comes all the way out

05 March 2009 - 01:47 PM

Hey. I've got a Maytag LAT9406AAE (ser#23xxxx)(Dependable Care) top load washing machine. Two problems:
  1. It's leaking through the outer tub seal/bearing -- thanks to this forum I found the directions necessary to fix that. Just have to order the parts :)
   2. The metal agitator shaft can be pulled straight out of the transmission. The machine still works fine, as long as the agitator and shaft are fully seated into the transmission. We found this when soaking a load of clothes overnight, and finding when the cycle started that the agitator was turning little, if at all. After looking at the manual and a bunch of exploded diagrams, it looks like I might just need to replace the agitator spring clip, which seems to be the only part that actually holds the shaft into the transmission. Do I just need to pull off the cover of the transmission and replace that clip? I'll check for water inside and make sure the broken clip didn't damage any gears. Should I just drain the oil when I remove the cover, or just tip the washer on its back and keep the existing oil inside the transmission case (as long as it's water free)? It also looks like I'll need new sealer for the transmission case. Should I buy that along with the parts or is there something generic that can be used? If I do replace the oil, what kind should I use (I couldn't find that info anywhere)?

Thanks very much!! Let me know if I can provide any pix or further explanations.


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