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Topics I've Started

Subzero 3211RFD Condenser Cooling

21 May 2013 - 06:15 AM

Hello - I'm running into a problem with my 3211RFD not cooling the condenser sufficiently causing the compressor to short cycle. Any advice or suggestions will be much appreciated.


I've done the usual cleaning of the condenser and the condenser fan operation is normal (runs continuously on this model), but with the front baffle in place (the solid plate that installs in front of the compressors and helps direct exhaust air to the back and then down over the drain pan), it still gets too hot. Operation is normal with that baffle removed.


I don't see what else I can do to clean the condenser short of removing and tanking it. And while the fridge works great with that front baffle removed, I'm concerned that the drain pan may not evaporate normally.


Has anyone encountered this? Think it's OK to leave that baffle off? I don't want to start growing anything down in that drain pan.


Thanks in advance for any wisdom.



What should be a typical temp range in a SZ 3211 fridge?

21 October 2009 - 07:25 AM

I have a 3211RFD that was in the house we bought a few months ago. I've given it lots of TLC and it is now running pretty nicely but I'm curious about the temperature swing I'm getting. I get about a swing from 28-42F.

I figure on average it's about right but it seems like a pretty wide variation to me. Am I good or should I do something about it?

Thanks in advance for any insights.

Sub Zero 3211RFD - advice?

29 June 2009 - 02:43 AM

I'm interested in advice/opinions from all you appliance masters out there.

I just purchased a house that came with a Sub Zero 3211RFD side by side. The house was built in 1980 so I'm guessing that's the SZ's age. It needs some work and I'm trying to decide if the smart thing to do is just sell it and get a replacement or deal with the issues and keep it.

The negatives (that I'm already aware of):

  • hideous door panels have to be replaced with stainless
  • Door gaskets are shot
  • ice maker is MIA. I found a water line in the basement that had fed it but it was cut off. Inside the freezer there's just a copper stub sticking out of the back where the icemaker used to reside
  • a few drawers and interior pieces need to be replaced
  • doors aren't aligned but I'm hoping that's just an adjustment and not a bent hinge
  • From the data I've seen this thing uses more electricity than many small towns
The pluses:

  • Previous owner sank $1900 into it in late 2007 and replaced both compressors, freezer cold & defrost controls, cond & evap motors
  • From the research I've done on the Internet, it seems to be a well built model that could theoretically run forever as long parts supply holds out
  • If I keep it I don't have to move it
  • If I keep it I don't have to blow $5K+ on something to replace it. Just keep feeding it electricity
To fix the above I can see about $800 or so for parts if I do all the work myself. Not sure of what other issue I might find associated with the icemaker once I get into that. If I were to sell it as-is, I save not only the $800 and time, but I can also take whatever I might get for it and put that towards its replacement.

So what do you think? Also, is anyone aware of a Boston-area shop that specializes in refurbishing Sub Zero? I found a place in NY that does this type of work and that would be appealing as it's simple and could save a lot of time.

Thanks in advance.


Service/parts manual for Jenn Air CVE4370 cooktop

29 June 2009 - 02:23 AM

Any info on locating a service manual for a Jenn Air CVE4370 cooktop would be greatly appreciated. Also, a parts manual or diagram with part numbers (if not included w/service data) would be great.


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