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#312233 Kenmore Washer 110 44832 200 Not spinning clothes completely?

Posted by Marcplante on 28 January 2015 - 07:35 PM

OK, so clothes coming out of the cycle were definitely not completely spun dry.  I could grab a typical dish towel and wring out a couple ounces of water fairly easily.  I ran an additional drain and spin cycle to verify that it was spinning appropriately, and it got a lot of water out of the clothes.  they were significantly drier after the extra spin.  The bath towels were much lighter and drier, etc.


While watching the additional spin, The machine spun at a good speed.  I did not watch the main cycle to see if there were differences.


So...double check the drain hose?


What else would lead to too-damp clothes coming out of a washer?


Thank you,



Sorry spaced on the drain obstruction comment right above my post.  Any other thoughts?

#246704 GE ZFSB26ORD loud circulation fan in freezer

Posted by Marcplante on 19 January 2013 - 07:56 PM

First time I went in, I got everything out except the lower back panel, which kept me from getting the bottom screws off of the evaporator fan cover panel.  I had pulled out the ice maker and screw mechanism, so I adjusted the cover by removing the top two screws and flexing and moving it a bit to get a touch of clearance. I'm going to hang onto the parts and watch it for a week and see how things go.  If need be, I'll go in again next weekend.  I'm not in the mood tonight, and I have a kid full day tomorrow, meaning I won't want to try again tomorrow night.  Thanks for the advice.  I'm very confident of the rest of the repair, just not motivated right now.  First time into any machine is awkward. So far, I've gotten tours of my washer, dryer, dishwasher, hot water heater and now my fridge.  Methinks another round of beer money is in order...


Thanks guys.



#246040 GE ZFSB26ORD loud circulation fan in freezer

Posted by Marcplante on 10 January 2013 - 04:04 PM

ZFSB26DRD SS (Now that I'm away from home and can't confirm)  its a 26 cu ft free standing monogram side by side unit.


I stopped trying to fix my foggy-eyed typos (Young kids in the AM+Beer in the PM=Idiot at 10:00pm STOP TYPING)


From the descriptions It felt like the side by side GE freezers were pretty uniform in their anatomy, though the Monograms do have a few more bells and whistles behind the pretty doors.  I got the general idea and will gut my machine the first weekend after I get the parts.


Yes, I searched with the model number and got an ambiguous response on the motor, which is why I bought both.


http://www.repaircli...or fan motor-==

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