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Topics I've Started

Kitchenaid Built-in Fridge - Remember SHOW ROOM mode

02 January 2014 - 06:41 PM

In the KSSC48QM and earlier versions "SHOW ROOM" mode was fairly obvious because the user interface display just cycles the display through all it's indicators - and, of course, the compressor never comes on.


In the KSSC48QT and brethren ... not so obvious! "SHOW ROOM" mode is entered and exited by holding "MAX COOL" and "POWER" for a few seconds. Everything acts normal except:


1. Compressor never turns on.

2. You CANNOT enter diagnostic mode.


Don't replace this $9000 refrigerator because the control board is NLA and it happens to be programmed for "SHOWROOM" mode!!!!


We're seeing a lot of these controls come thru the shop these days, almost always with real problems, but once in a while the re-installer gets stumped by inadvertently entering showroom mode.


Happy New Year to y'all!

GE Wall Oven: Display says "BAKE" but relays won't engage.

06 June 2013 - 11:50 AM

GE Wall Oven: Display says "BAKE" but relays won't engage.


From our tech support conversation:
  Tech Support: Is the door closed or open?
  Tech: Closed.

  .... long conversation with measurements etc ...
  Tech Support: I'd like to verify the functionality of the plunger switch on the door. Can you locate it?
  Tech: Yes, that's what I'm holding in to "close the door".

  .... Ka-Ching! ... Nooo!!!

  Tech Support: Please physically close the door and try again.
  Tech: The oven is heating!


If the control board thinks the door is open it prevents the heating element relays from engaging.
This is completely determined by the state of the 2 micro-switches in the LATCH MECHANISM.
(To cook switch #2 (top) MUST BE CLOSED, switch #1 (bottom) MUST BE OPEN)
The oven controller DOES NOT SENSE the PLUNGER switch!

Remember this to save wild geese. :woot:


KA Microwave/Oven Combo - Start Oven and "DOOR" flashes

22 May 2013 - 03:47 PM

This has come up at least twice and on two completely different models/control boards (after re-installing a newly rebuilt control), but for exact same reason.


First the Symptom Description:


1. When using microwave only the magnetron comes on.

2. When you turn on the oven light the microwave light comes on.

3. When you engage the oven "DOOR" is periodically displayed, microwave light comes on and turntable turns.


The Cause:


OK, so on the first type: model RMC305 / control board 4448877 wire harnesses that connect to board connectors P7 and P4 are swapped (4 pin molex).

On the second type: model KEMC377K / control board 4453377 wire harnesses that connect to board connectors P8 and P3 are swapped (4 molded spade connectors).


Here's what it looks like from a schematic point of view:

Attached File  4448877wiringX.png   229.78KB   6 downloads


Here's the back of the two different control board styles:

Attached File  4448877X.png   97.2KB   7 downloads

KSSS42FK KA Built In Evap Fan not running after board/fan replacement

21 May 2013 - 04:57 PM

After replacing evaporator fan and having the main board rebuilt ... the new fan wouldn't run. Well it turns out that the new fan comes with a new wire harness BUT it only applies to certain models. It swaps some wires around and if you install it on the wrong model the evaporator fan doesn't get power!!! It looks just like the orignal (unless you look closely at the pinout). It seems the fan doesn't ship with the WP instruction sheet. Fan p/n 8201589, board p/n 2252159 and brothers, jumper harness p/n 2221077.


This has got to have caused a lot of head bangin' ! ??


Here's the instruction sheet. Sorry it's a png. Site didn't let me attach the pdf.


Attached File  8201590.png   199.62KB   20 downloads

Whirlpool Oven Dim Display and Wire Nuts

17 May 2013 - 05:46 PM

A very nice lady from Houston sent us the oven controller from her Whirlpool RBD275 built-in double oven. We rebuilt and returned ... then got it back a while later with a note saying the display is very dim. We powered it up on our test bench and the display looks great. After discussions w/nice lady the syptoms were: I can read the blue clock ok (but not great), I can't read the temp display after a few seconds of starting bake.


So, long story short ... wire nut connections on the main power feed to her oven are corroded ... a few seconds after you push "start" the bake relay kicks in and draws high current causing the control board voltage to droop.


On the bench we hooked up a Variac (variable transformer) to test at proper and then compare to drooped voltage. You can see in the pictures that at full voltage display looks great (lower)  but with the line voltage dropped to 91V (upper) you can still read clock but the orange digits are almost gone. It's a characteristic of the display technology (vacuum flourescent display - VFD).


It's a good quick visual to see failing breakers and oxidized wire nuts (at least once they're degraded enough to add about 0.5 ohms of resistance to power feed).



Attached File  low_v_display.png   238KB   6 downloads

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