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Member Since 10 May 2009
Offline Last Active Feb 23 2015 02:09 AM

Topics I've Started

Door latch assembly 'how to' link? kenmore 417.44092500

21 June 2013 - 02:42 AM

just trying to find a link for the how to on the door latch assembly replacement... got to remove that rubber gasket, pull out the latch, etc.. not rockete science be must be some tricks on that... tried searching the forum, couldn't find...



kenmore 417.44092500, new main control board won't go into diagnostic mode

30 May 2013 - 07:07 PM

hey there,

front load washer model listed above, serial# looks like ac53017626 was getting E5E communication error from diagnostic test. replaced control board, did not fix problem,  now machine will not go into diagnostic mode and still will not run properly, as example in drain spin mode the machine will drain for a few seconds, clock timer will immeadiately count down from 13 minutes to 12, machine will stop draining and not spin......


had problems with this machine before. switched out main control board previously due to corrosion and machine has been okay. figured maybe same solution would solve problem, but no luck.


any suggestitions oh mighty guru's of the laundry land?





kenmore 417.44092500 needs new main control board?

03 February 2013 - 01:24 PM

hey there...

kenmore front load washer runs 2-4 minutes on any cycle, works fine.

machine then stops and resests to start of cycle. no beeps. no error codes.

tried uplugging and replugging unit, no change.


have replaced main control board previously for different issue.

wondering if that same fix will solve my problem again.


wanted to get insight from the masters before i order any part.


thanks in advance for your help with this, and thanks again for all the help i've gotten in the past.... you guys rock.


maytag 3 door fridge MFD2560HES

14 November 2010 - 01:25 AM

been through the forums, got me this far:

cleaned the coils under the fridge, they were really clogged

the fan underneath the freezer to the back of the unit is working (the fan for the condensing coils?)

there is air blowing into the freezer and into the fridge

there was ice on the back of the freezer, and the evaporater coils were icy

i took out the draw and pryed opened the back of the freezer unit (from the inside) just enough to get a blow dryer on the evaporater coils and get the ice off.

 fridge is running now, far as i can tell, compressor is on...

if the freezer and fridge get cold, i test the defrost heater? where is that, and how do i access it?

how do i get the panel off the back inside of the freezer? i took the screws off it, but do i need to take the ice maker off too? and there is some kind of thermostat looking thing on the upper right corner of the back panel, just pry off and leave? is there a 'trick' to getting the panel off? and do i even need to get it off, can i access and defrost heater this way?

am i even close to resolution on this POS?

any tips here would be a big help...

maytag dryer mde5500ayw

09 March 2010 - 05:35 PM

got a maytag dryer with no power to the touch panel...

light on inside dryer when door opens so i know there is some power going to machine

tightened nuts on power cord attachements.

saw this fuse could be the problem ?http://www.repaircli...05/00001720.jpg

where is it located?


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