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In Topic: DBXR463EG0WW ELEC DRYER wont stop!

02 January 2013 - 10:46 AM

Sorry for the late follow up... Sure enough, it was the heater element. MANY thanks to all! Domo Arigato!!




EDIT: at home relaxed now...  BIG thanks to  

KurtiusInterupptus           :rocker: 


for the GREAT explanation of the timer advance. 

In Topic: DBXR463EG0WW ELEC DRYER wont stop!

05 December 2012 - 09:58 AM

Thanks guys for all your help! greatly appreciated!


In Topic: PSW23PSWA SS Enter diagnostic mode

04 August 2010 - 04:01 PM

Both evap fans work fine, holding door switch closed to test. The Beverage cool area in the FF door recieves airflow when selected from the menu. I did not test chilling drawer operation, however the homeowner had with negative results.

I suspected a thermister fault, and was hoping for a diagnostic routine. Setting the desired FF temp to either end of the range has no effect on actual or displayed  FFtemp.

Test port for the motherboard makes sense. The last 'Expert' from A&E dianosed a bad control board, so that would be in play. The following tech diagnosed low freon, and "fixed" it about 2 years ago. No line taps anywhere to put gauges on it, however. (?)

If it the the same thermisters as the GSS/GSH series... I know them well. I am rebuilding the control boards for that series now with a fair success rate. Toying with the idea of making an Arduino based replacement.....


If he's so informed, why'd he buy a GE? :P

Well, it its due to the nature of our community. 780 houses, retired military officers. "Serving those who served"  We had a contract with GE for our appliance supply and repair services from '86 up until early '08, and that was when I came on board at the company. We now use Sears...Meh.  The 16-20+ year old GE THX/TBX series are GREAT! Good service life. They are still in population, 40% maybe. The GSS and GSH series were installed after that as the 'standard' until '08, when we went to Sears. This unit was installed 1JUN07 and was considered the best upgrade one could have with 'The General'.      Little did they know. 


In Topic: PSW23PSWA SS Enter diagnostic mode

04 August 2010 - 03:19 PM

No, no iceballs.

It runs fine, freezer at -1*, and frige at 46-7* no matter what the setting.

Compressor running, HP line warm. I suspect the switching valve, we will see. Time is of the essence, and without guidance I am obligated to hand it over to the 'Experts' at A&E. I will be at the repair and learn.

Tech sheet was close to worthless for a 'Quick and easy' fix. Schematic and sensor values.

Resident is a retired General, and well informed. He states that there is a connect for the laptop behind the access panel for the control unit, and last repair that was what was used. There may not be a diagnostic mode onboard the unit?!? :|

In Topic: PSW23PSWA SS Enter diagnostic mode

04 August 2010 - 12:10 PM

Just getting back into the office. I will get the tech sheet, I was hoping to get some headway without bothering the resident again. But then again, a 46* frige is sort of a bother... :)


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