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Topics I've Started

Looking for a Dehumidifier Recomendation

21 October 2011 - 11:39 AM

I am finally going to replace my Frigidaire dehumidifier and based on my personal experience I think I want to find a brand other than Frigidaire due to the issues I have had with my current unit. Can anyone recommend a reliable brand for a dehumidifier in the 60 - 80 pint capacity range?

I can do most of my own homework and research on the model details (e.g. - I am looking for a model that supports either resume on loss of power is non-digitally controlled so after a power loss it will come back on) but if you have a recommendation I would appreciate that too.

Thanks in advance!

Leaking Frigidaire FDL60P11 Dehumidifier: Lessons Learned

26 July 2011 - 11:27 PM

I had a 4 year old Frigidaire FDL60P11 dehumidifier flood the basement of a vacation home, it was left on automatic cycle targeting 45% humidity all the time and apparently over the last few months it started to leak water. It was direct connected into the drain line and water was coming from the bottom front of the unit. This particular unit is mechanical / refrigerative type. The evaporator has two main brackets on the outer edge, unlike every other surface in this unit the evaporator brackets do not appear to have been treated with a rust inhibitor and as such had a significant amount of surface rust from the water condensing. It appears that over time small particles of rust dripped off the evaporator with the water removed from the air and in turn collected in the drip tray and in turn down the drain tube. At the back of the unit there is a plastic water drain bracket that goes from the ~1/4 inch internal drain tube to an external ~1/8 inch tubing connection. The rust particles over time collected inside the water drain bracket and eventually completely blocked any additional water flow. The water backed up the tube, filled the drip tray and eventually flooded internally escaping through some small holes in the front of the frame. I cleaned out the lines and the water drain bracket and all is well again. I am considering taking a wire brush and cleaning off the rest of the surface rust and then applying a rust inhibitor and then remove the water drain bracket entirely and running a new ~1/4 inch line from the drip tray all the way to the drain connection but that will have to wait for another day.

Long story short, the material selection or quality control of materials expected to be in direct contact with water was lacking.

The First Look
Posted Image

Close Up Of the Evaporator
Posted Image

Drain Tray Sludge
Posted Image

Clogged Water Drain Bracket
Posted Image

Water Drain Bracket Size Change
Posted Image


14 March 2011 - 03:11 PM

I was troubleshooting my GE PTS22LCPARWW refrigerator today due to the compressor not coming on and all signs pointed to a bad main board (No voltage at the start or run caps). I pulled the main board to inspect it for any signs of damage (Blown resistor, leaking cap, etc..) and did not see any issues. I then put the board back in and the compressor started up. My question is are the main boards in the GE refrigerators known to be flaky in this model line? Is the issue I saw today likely a sign of more to come, should I go ahead an order a new board?


GE Profile Dryer DPSB620EC2WW Moisture Sensor

09 June 2009 - 07:03 PM

Where can I get a GE service manual for a DPSB620EC2WW dryer?  I am having a condition of the cloths not drying completely on auto cycles.  Timed drying works.  

Things I have already Done:
Complete dryer breakdown with lint removal of internal ducting & blower.
Tried auto drying with no discharge attached to rule out venting issue and the same resultant.
Cleaned the moisture sensor bars with rubbing alcohol to rule out any build up on the sensor.
Validated the output duct temp on Hi is 165 degree F.
Removed drum and verified the elements are in working order with no breaks.  (Continuity validation on ohm meter)

I think it is the failure of a component in the moisture sensor chain (sensor or main board) but I now need advise on how to diagnose the final problem.

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