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Member Since 19 Jun 2009
Offline Last Active Nov 14 2012 08:42 PM

Topics I've Started

Help with correct capacitor size for home HVAC -- Lenox and Carrier

26 June 2012 - 05:07 PM

Can someone please help me verify the correct capacity for the motor run capacitor for two HVAC units that I have, please? I believe the AC service technician replaced BOTH units with the WRONG capacitor size.

AC Unit # 1

Lenox 10HPB42-11P
Capacitor – I believe this should be a 40+5 MFD capacitor
Service technician installed a 50+7.5 MFD capacitor

AC Unit # 2

Prod: 38CKC048-371
Model: 38CKC048370 / 38CKC48370 / 38CK048370 (???)
Capacitor – I believe this should be a 40+5 MFD capacitor
Service technician installed a 40+3 MFD capacitor

Thank you,


Maytag Neptune Top Load FAV6800AWW -- tub/motor will not spin

19 June 2009 - 07:06 AM

I have a Maytag Neptune Top Load, FAV6800AWW.  The washer has stopped washing or spinning.

When I start a normal wash the washing mashing will fill up with water, but when the tub is supposed to start spinning nothing happens, and the timer just counts down.  When I try to put the washing machine in a spin only cycle nothing happens and the timer counts down also.

I did the "motor control test" as specified in the service manual:


  • Disconnect the power
  • Open washer and disconnect the JP4 Connector from the Motor Control Board
  • Reconnect Power
  • Go into Service Mode (press Enviro Plus + Spin Only keys for 3 secs)
  • Access Board Output test (press Delicates) -- displays shows "ot"
  • Lid is locked
  • Press Whites to start the Motor Control Test

The motor starts and will rotate the tub/spinner at 50 RPM.

With JP4 connector removed -- when in Board Output test, I can fill the tub with hot or cold water, I can drain the tub, I can start the motor.  But when the JP4 connector is connected the motor will not start.

When the motor test is running, if I use a Volt meter to test the voltage of the wire harness between L1 and Neutral (gray and white wires on the connector that has only three wires running into it) -- I see a 120 VAC reading.

When I disconnect the power and reconnect the JP4 switch and try to run a normal Spin Only cycle the motor and tub/spinner will NOT spin.

Is this indicative of the Motor Control Board being fault?

Do I need to replace the wiring harness between the Motor Control Board and the Motor?

Is this the Main Control Board that is faulty?

Any help in this matter will be appreciated, please.

Thank you,



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