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Member Since 02 Apr 2005
Offline Last Active Mar 23 2015 09:40 AM

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In Topic: LG DLG7188rm Tar/Rubber strips

19 December 2013 - 05:34 PM

Hello, my unsuspecting friend.  I would only offer that there is nothing funny about the opium trade.  It is the very life blood of my godforsaken rock of a country that uses little boys like women and who's national drink is cheap vodka and semen of yak.  


With such large amounts of money and international banking and drug cartels involved, many of my fellow Afghanis have lost their lives in this trade.  This is how I acquired three of my four wives, two of whom are young enough to be my granddaughters-- their husbands were killed in the opium trade.  For this, I am grateful to Allah, the compassionate and merciful.  

In Topic: LG DLG7188rm Tar/Rubber strips

19 December 2013 - 05:15 PM

Hello, my high and low friend.  The black tar strips are placed in the drum by our North Korean operatives to facilitate the transfer and trading of opium, my country's number one cash crop, especially since the occupation by the Ameedikan armed forces who, praise be to Allah, provide free labor for the harvest and transport of product to North Korea.  Bundles of opium distillate is then attached to the adhesive black tar and the dryers are shipped to the cities of Ameedikan infidels for their mass consumption and intoxication.  Once the cargo is delivered and extracted, the black tar on the drum no longer has any useful function.  Just ignore it.  

In Topic: Frigidaire FGHB2844LF6 Water Inlet Valve Replacement Problem

05 December 2013 - 03:41 PM

Hello, my filtered friend.  Just follow the simple-minded instructions our flatulent host provided you and make the necessary corrections / connections.  Only you can trace out the tubing and determine where they are going and where they should go.  


It is highly unlikely that the filter would be damaged by reverse flow.  More likely is that you back flushed the filter and drank whatever contaminants it had caught.  How are the bowels doing?  If still okay by tomorrow, then you have nothing to worry about.  Unless you are an infidel and then you should be worried about the eternal wrath of Allah, the Compassionate and Merciful... except to infidel pig-dogs.  

In Topic: There and Back Again, a Thanksgiving ode

03 December 2013 - 07:20 PM

Hello, my infidel brother PDuff.  May I say that my four wives, 17 children and varying herd of yak and fine breeding camels are all delighted to see you back.  May Allah, the compassionate and merciful, grant you conversion to Islam and thence all the virginal little boys that your heart desires in Paradise.  

In Topic: Kenmore Dishwasher Clean light blinking 7 times

03 December 2013 - 07:17 PM

Hello, my blinking friend.  May I inquire as to why you would need a service manual for this problem?  It would appear that you have chosen not to read our flatulent and tumescent host's eloquent soliloquy which steps your through this exact problem.  Upon what basis, therefore, do you suppose you would benefit from a service manual which contains even more information that you would not read?  

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