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In Topic: Kenmore 700 series Washer too loud

16 November 2012 - 05:04 PM

The skate plate (diagram #14) may be out of alignment. I have found this when a Whirlpool built Direct Drive washer has been laid on it's side or after an out of balance load. Try opening the lid and grabbing the inside of the tub (be careful not to grab the tub ring #8 in diagram ~ I have broken one before) Lift the tub up and move around a little to re-align.

You can check the suspension pads. (#13 & 15) Sometimes these can disappear for no apparent reason. If they are in place, you may want to sand them a little with some fine sandpaper. They could be causing friction and not moving smoothly. Be sure to do both the upper and lower pads.

The other thing is that the brakes may be grabbing too hard at the end of spinning. This creates a jerking like motion. I have added just a little axle grease on the brake housing just between the brake spring. Not too much, just a little dab will do ya. Be sure to not get any near the clutch... you don't want it slipping....

By the way - IMO this is a great machine - Best built EVER!!

But opinions are like buttholes, everybody's got one.... :rocker:

In Topic: Maytag Legacy Washer ~ SAV515DAWW ~ Machine Gun Noise in Spin Cycle

15 November 2011 - 06:59 PM

Come on people, is that the best you can do?? No one else with any answers or do you agree with kdog?

In Topic: Kenmore Dryer -11066812690 - Runs for 10 seconds then shuts off

15 November 2011 - 03:40 PM

If not worn, clean idler pulley - I swap drum rollers with each other as they tend to wear one side out quicker than the other. Lubricate all really well.

Also, check the blower wheel housing to be sure you don't have any obstruction that would keep that motor from turning.....

Let us know how it turns out....


In Topic: Maytag Dryer LDE7500ACW Doesn't Turn

15 November 2011 - 03:24 PM

Quote "It seems to turn on, just doesn't rotate."

? So at the very start, you could hear the motor turning but the drum was not turning?

If so, then when you opened it up, was the belt not around the tub or loose around the tub and you have now determined the belt is broken and needs to be replaced?

Then while you have it apart, I would vacuum it out, clean idler pulley as suggested and lubricate idler pulley and drum rollers - (I use PB Blaster for lubricant) I usually swap the rollers with each other as one side has a tendency to wear quicker than the other.....

Make sure to clean out the shoot under the lint filter, which gets easily clogged.....

That's all I can think of at the moment!
Hope that Helps....

In Topic: kenmore 11060952990 thermal fuse keeps burning out

15 November 2011 - 12:37 PM

You may also want to remove the blower wheel housing and make sure that it is clean. A heavy buildup of lint in this area can also create problems with thermal fuse blowing......

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